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Netflix in October

It might be a bit overwhelming to keep up with what’s new on the enormous online streaming platform and choose the content that’s worth viewing with so many new movies and episodes arriving on Netflix in October. We’ve put up a list of fresh episodes and movies that you should add to your binge watchlist to help you plan your binge schedule and watch Netflix in October. Check the list of upcoming titles on Netflix in October by scrolling through it.

List of New Shows and Movies arriving on Netflix

in October

1. Fight for Justice: Paolo Guerrero

The drama centers on the legal struggle Peruvian player Paolo Guerrero was embroiled in after testing positive for cocaine months before the World Cup. It is based on a true story.

2. Trapped 13: How We Survived The Thai Cave

Trapped 13: How We Survived The Thai Cave is about a Thai junior football player and his squad who were trapped in the Tham Luang Cave in 2018, and their story is told in the documentary The Thai Cave. In the forthcoming documentary series, listen to them discuss their experiences.

3. Walk

In his latest movie, directed by Adrián Caetano and starring Diego Alonso, Catalina Arriga, and Néstor Prieto, a drug trafficker tries to make a livelihood by preventing drug sales on his block. monitors a vehicle attendant’s daily activities.

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4. Always the Queen

This Mexican drama, which is now available on Netflix, centers on the special relationship between Lucia Mendes, Laura Zapata, Silvia Pasquel, and Lorena Herrera.

5. Nailed It!: Season 7

The new season of the Emmy-nominated series will feature his well-known Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, Cobra Kai, and another round of delectable cake-baking competitors with a Halloween twist. There will be a unique witchers-related surprise.

6. Love is blind: Season 3

Love Is Blind is another program making a reappearance on the well-liked internet streaming service. The third season of the reality series centers on a single man looking for true love.

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7. The school for evil and good

The much-awaited Netflix film School of Good and Evil, starring Charlize Laurence Fishburne, Theron, Michelle Yeoh, and Cate Blanchett. It follows best friends Sophie and Agatha as they compete in a school competition.

8. Kev Adams: Real me

In the upcoming Netflix comedy Kev Adams: real me, the 31-year-old French comedian Kev Adams discusses both his personal and professional life.

9. Conversation with a killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer tape

In this Netflix real crime documentary, Milwaukee serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer discusses the 17 killings he carried out after hearing accounts from Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. The Jeffrey Dahmer recording features a conversation with a murderer.

10. The Mole

Prepare to see the Netflix version of the real-life competition as 12 competitors attempt to perform tasks and figure out who is undermining their purpose in The Mole.

11. The Redeem Team

The US men’s basketball team is going for gold in the 2008 Beijing Games after having an unsatisfactory performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He will appear in never-before-seen BTS material for a future series. features interviews with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Coach K himself, Mike Kushwski.

12. Mismatched: Season 2

The creators of Mismatched are gearing up to release the second season of their well-liked love story. It stars Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Kohli as they grapple with the fundamental question: Are they destined to be together? after the incredible success of Mismatched Season 1.

13. Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant

Watch as Michelle Obama and other celebrities make appearances on the well-liked Netflix series Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant as Waffles and Mochi get ready for yet another thrilling journey of seeing new cultures and sampling delectable cuisine.

14. Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3

Put your seatbelts on for an exciting trip as Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3 returns on Netflix in October with nine brand-new episodes of true crime, UFO mysteries, and other stories.

15. The Cage

The Cage, Netflix’s first Kuwaiti production, follows a marital counsellor who struggles in his personal life. At the same time it is also trying to save his client’s marriage.

16. Easy-Bake Battle – 12

In the new reality series on Netflix, which will feature home cooks coming up with delectable meals to win a significant financial reward, famed actor-turned-cook Antoni Porowski makes an appearance.

17. The Playlist

With his free and legal streaming network, Swedish IT entrepreneur Daniel Ek and his colleagues hope to completely change the music industry. Watch how the creative ideas of these young businesspeople are changing the music business.

18. Exception

This month, award-winning author Otoichi’s horror sci-fi series Exception will be available on Netflix. It will be a visual treat for all anime fans. In the far future, when mankind is compelled to leave Earth and settle on another planet, this television series’ narrative is set.