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National Technology day 2022 Salute India Shakti with these messages

National Technology Day is celebrated every year on this occasion. It aims to consider India's technology strengths, weaknesses and targets.

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National Technology day 2022: Celebrated every year on 11th May. On this day in Rajasthan in the year 1998 ‘Shakti’ nuclear test was done in Pokhran, which was a big success for India in the field of technology. National Technology Day is celebrated every year on this occasion. It aims to consider India’s technology strengths, weaknesses and targets.

On this day you can wish your family and friends a Happy Technology Day through these messages, quotes and photos…

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Technology has made life easy

Still today everyone is very upset,

There is happiness in doing honest work

Maybe everyone is unaware of this.

National Technology Day will always be a proud day for every Indian and we should celebrate this special occasion with great enthusiasm.

Happy National Technology Day…

Bringing new technology by inventing,

Make your country proud

National Technology Day to you

Heartiest congratulations.

It is a proud day for every Indian, because on this day we conducted nuclear power test in Pokhran….

happy national technology day

any sufficiently advanced technology

Indistinguishable from magic.

Always remember ‘Shakti’ which proved to be an important milestone in India’s journey of technological progress.

Happy National Technology Day.

use of technology

if you do it wisely

will give happiness to all,

if its use

in anger and hatred

If you do, it will cause destruction.

On the occasion of National Technology Day, we wish that India always moves ahead in becoming a strong nation in the field of technology.

I love technology

it has made my life easier,

get angry about it

when it fills me with laziness

tries to.

On this occasion, Mayank Bidwataka, founder of Ku social media, said that this is the decade of technology, which is the name of India. After dominating the global information technology services sector for some time, the technology industry in India will grow and the country will gain a commanding position in the products sector in the future. India’s ‘tech entrepreneurs’ are already building robust products that offer innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by consumers around the world.

For example, the use of self-expression in indigenous languages ​​is not only an India-centric challenge, but also a global challenge faced by Internet users in non-English speaking countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. are doing. What we have created here in India can be taken anywhere in the world very easily for internet users craving to express themselves on social media in their mother tongue.

Like Ku App, many other products and platforms will continue to emerge out of India, solving common problems and dominating the technology space globally. With a large pool of talent and massive ambition globally, entrepreneurs will help transform India from a service provider to a product maker. Technology will be made in India for Indians and for the world.

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