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Surya Grahan in October 2022: Solar Eclipse Timings in India, what is Partial Eclipse?

Surya Grahan in October 2022: Sky watchers can see Surya Grahan on 25 October, which coincides with Diwali. This will be the second and final partial solar eclipse of the year.

The eclipse can be seen from the Urals and Western Siberia, Europe, South Asia, West Asia, East Africa, North Africa, and the Atlantic Ocean. The maximum phase of the partial solar eclipse is recorded in Russia’s West Siberian Plain near Nizhnevartovsk.

A partial solar eclipse, Surya Grahan, will occur on October 25, 2022. It will be seen in the evening in India and is called a partial solar eclipse. The largest solar eclipse will occur in western India. Surya Grahan takes place from 4:29 PM to 5:39 PM on October 25.

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Surya Grahan Timings In India

It is predicted that this partial solar eclipse will be visible in New Delhi, according to At 14:28:21 pm, the partial eclipse begins, followed by the maximum eclipse at 16:30:16 pm. At 18:32:11 pm, the partial eclipse ends at the last location.

Hindu almanacs predict that the partial solar eclipse in Kartik will be visible throughout the country on October 25 (Tuesday).

There will be a partial eclipse beginning at 2.28 pm (IST) and a maximum eclipse at 4.29 pm (IST). The event will last until 6.32 pm (IST). Since the Debaniti (rituals) will be prohibited till the end of the eclipse, temples, and homes will be forbidden to practice them.

From 2.28 am onwards, there will not be any temple rituals on October 25. It is also possible to avoid cooking during this period. Following a holy bath, religious rituals will resume on October 25 at 6.32 pm.

What is a Partial Eclipse?

Known as Aanshik Surya Grahan, a partial solar eclipse occurs when the Sun is obscured by black clouds. Partial eclipses and annular eclipses only obscure part of the Sun, while total eclipses obscure the entire disk of the Sun.

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Surya Grahan Ritual and Fasting in Hinduism

If you observe a ritual fast during this grahan, be sure to follow it.

On this day, Hindu temples are closed in the morning. On this day, swimming in rivers, oceans, and other holy waterways is seen to be particularly fortunate.
During Surya Grahan, some Hindu groups often practice fasting (Upvaas). About nine hours before Surya Grahan kicks off, fasting begins. Along with taking a cold shower, they also sing Mrichunjaya and Ashtakshara mantras, which are prayers to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. When Rahu is influencing Surya and Chandra, this occurs. A pregnant lady repeats the Gopala mantra to Santana.