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Top 20 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the World

Rich people often send their children to expensive boarding schools, matching their opulent homes and luxurious lifestyles.

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The top 20 most expensive boarding schools in the world will be covered in this post. Rich people sometimes send their kids to the priciest boarding schools in the world to match their opulent homes, pricey cars, and fashionable closets.

These prestigious institutions, which are well-known for their exceptional academic standards, offer stimulating extracurricular activities, a varied curriculum, and a wealth of opulent benefits. Many wealthy parents believe that this is a worthwhile investment, despite the fact that it is extremely expensive. Graduates from these schools might have unparalleled access to the finest education available, along with the opportunity to develop relationships with the children of billionaires and royals.

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The Sector of Global Education

Technology advances as well as improved entrepreneurship, creativity, and productivity are usually the results of education. All of these elements so contribute to increased output and economic expansion.

The market size for elementary and secondary education has grown significantly in recent years, according to The Business Research Company. This market is anticipated to grow from $1620.94 billion in 2023 to $1769.82 billion in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2%. The main factors driving this surge are the growing population, government funding, educational policies, parental involvement, and community development. Over the next few years, there is expected to be a major expansion in the latter market. It will grow to $2483.77 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 8.8%.

Factors contributing to the increase in the projection period include the emphasis on global skills, inclusive education strategies, infrastructure upgrades, public-private collaborations, and teacher professional development. Experts anticipate that the principal advancements during the forecast period will include personalized learning strategies, digital learning environments, technology integration, educational technology innovation, and a focus on virtual learning. Asia-Pacific was identified as the world’s largest market for elementary and secondary education in 2023, with Western Europe ranking second.

According to Forbes, boarding schools are specifically described as “twenty-four-hour” intentional communities built with the growth and development of the student at its core. There are academic components, of course. Boarding schools provide their students with a higher level of intellectual stimulation than is typically seen in traditional classroom settings. Alumni and students from boarding schools, private day schools, and public schools participated in a survey called “The Big Picture on Boarding Schools” that was undertaken by the Association of Boarding Schools.

According to the report, 77% of graduates from boarding schools say their school gives leadership opportunities, compared to 60% and 52% of graduates from private day schools and public schools, respectively. 87% of graduates from private day schools and public schools, respectively, feel they were academically well-prepared for college, compared to 39% and 71% of graduates from private day schools. As for former students from private day schools and public schools, 78% claimed they were very well prepared for independence, social life, and time management, compared to 36% and 23%, respectively, of former students from private day schools and public schools.

Technology in Education

The rise of educational technology, or EdTech, has been linked to the profound effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global educational scene.

EdTech companies have grown rapidly in the last several years, but ChatGPT and other AI applications have become quite popular in the education space. The AI data infrastructure, Scale AI, and Chegg Inc., the leading provider of student-centered online learning in the industry, announced in 2023 that they will be working together to develop exclusive large language models that will allow Chegg’s personalized learning assistant to offer generative learning experiences.

Chegg Inc. reported total net revenues of $766.9 million in 2023, a 1% decrease from the year before. Subscription service sales rose from 79% in 2021 to $672.0 million, or 88% of total net revenues, on an annual basis.

Despite the revenue reduction, Chegg Inc. has confidence in its future growth. By releasing the first portion of its new AI-powered user experience, the firm will prosper.

Businesses Putting Money Into The Education Sector

In 2022, Meta Platforms, Inc., the parent company of Facebook, announced that it would donate $150 million to the Immersive Learning program. In addition, Meta Platforms, Inc., in partnership with VictoryXR, a company that creates software for extended reality education, will introduce ten more virtual campuses in the metaverse, eventually increasing the total to one hundred institutions.

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Through immersive learning, Meta Platforms, Inc. hopes to prepare the next generation of metaverse producers to create high-quality immersive experiences. According to the organization, these artists will be able to acquire new skills and pursue rewarding careers by collaborating on projects.

One example of a virtual campus is the University of Maryland Global Campus, which is an entirely online university. The more than 45,000-student university will now provide areas for students to engage and learn in the metaverse.

Additionally, Microsoft Corporation has declared that it will spend $10 billion in OpenAI, the business behind the widely used artificial intelligence program ChatGPT. The tool attracted over a million users in a matter of days following its release, igniting a fresh debate on the application of AI in the workplace.

Top 20 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the World

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20. Eton College (UK)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $62,882

King Henry VI of England founded Eton College in 1440 as an autonomous school for males ages 13 to 18. It continues to have many academic ties to institutions all across the world. The college offers financial aid and scholarships to deserving students. Eton College is a prestigious university with a long history that works to guarantee that every student, via charitable initiatives, realizes their full potential. David Cameron, Boris Johnson, William Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, are well-known Eton College alums. Among the top 20 most costly boarding institutions worldwide is Eton College.

19. The Webb School (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $63,900

Webb School, a private, coeducational, college-preparatory boarding and day school in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, was established in 1870. It has been referred to as the oldest boarding school in South America that is still open. The Webb Schools, a 150-acre boarding and day high school for grades 9–12, affirms its dedication to equality and diversity with a strong academic program and a compassionate community. The outstanding academic reputation and strong sense of community at The Webb Schools draw students from a variety of nations and cultural backgrounds.

18. Phillips Exeter Academy (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $64,789

There are about a thousand coeducational residential high school students from thirty-four different countries attending Philips Exeter Academy. It has a long tradition of placing a high value on student empowerment and academic quality. Exeter claims that it develops potential and stimulates a desire to learn. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1, the program offers over 450 courses throughout 18 subject areas.

17. Hurtwood House School (UK)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $67,226

Hurtwood House is an independent coeducational residential school for teenagers in Surrey, England. It accepts students between the ages of 15 and 19. Hurtwood House School bills itself as a unique learning environment with a curriculum that combines the greatest elements of modern learning with the long-standing customs of boarding schools. Hurtwood maintains traditional values, breaks new ground in education, and offers a safe haven for students transferring from high school to college. One of the priciest boarding schools in the world is Hurtwood House.

16. Phillips Academy Andover (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $69,600

Situated in Andover, Massachusetts, 25 miles north of Boston, is the boarding and day school Philips Academy. The academic goals of Phillips Academy include excellence, inclusion, and diversity. Its foundation is the idea that every student ought to have an equal chance to grow and learn. Students may transform the world and become the finest versions of themselves with the help of the system this school has established. This school promotes a mutually friendly learning atmosphere by accepting and respecting students from all backgrounds through its unbiased and diverse approach.

15.  The Masters School (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $74,500

According to the Master School, its top focuses are meaningful connection, deep understanding, and active learning. The school provides an environment that encourages study, development, and the growing of respect for all cultures for children from all backgrounds. It is one of the top 20 most costly boarding schools worldwide.

14. The Lawrenceville School (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $76,080

Lawrenceville School takes great pride in providing its students with a demanding academic program, a warm and encouraging environment, and the opportunity to extend their perspective on the world. This school can prepare them to make positive changes in the world. The mission of Lawrenceville School is to develop its students into responsible leaders, lifelong learners, and global citizens.

13. Albans School (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $78,196

Albans School is an independent boarding school for boys in grades 4 through 12 that is situated in Washington, D.C. Students from many origins and faiths are welcomed at Albans School. The values of respect, kindness, and excellence are highly valued in this school. The latter provides its students with a demanding academic curriculum, a nurturing environment, and the opportunity to develop their moral and spiritual values. St. Albans graduates are prepared for the rigors of college and beyond. Among the top boarding schools in the world is Albans School.

12. THINK Global School (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $94,050

Pupils from over 20 countries attend THINK Global School (TGS), one of the best boarding schools in the world, where they receive a unique high school education. Each academic year, TGS students visit three new international cities and go on global adventures. TGS is a coeducational, autonomous, nondenominational school. Students engage with the people and cultures they visit through a TGS curriculum that combines project-based and place-based learning.

11. The American School in Switzerland (TASIS)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $104,044

TASIS is the oldest residential American college preparatory school in Europe, having opened its doors in 1956. TASIS is a renowned day and boarding school that uses education, service, and travel to foster global citizenship. This university, which accepts students ranging in age from Pre-K to post-graduate, houses over 750 students a year, 260 of whom reside on campus. TASIS’s student body, which speaks more than 30 languages and comes from almost 60 different countries, exemplifies the school’s remarkable diversity and global perspective.

 10. Le Regent International School (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $104,700

Regent International School sits in Crans-Montana, one of the sunniest and safest areas of the Swiss Alps. It provides children with pure air, amazing scenery, and a friendly and encouraging environment. Students at this modern Swiss IB World School ages 4 to 18, get a demanding academic program. One of the most opulent boarding schools in the world is Le Regent International School.

9. Shortridge Academy (USA)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $110,000

Shortridge Academy is a year-round residential secondary school in Southeastern New Hampshire that provides young pupils with mental health care and rehabilitation. The 350-acre campus offers a safe and encouraging environment for youth in need of more intensive mental health care than they could receive at home, at school, or in a conventional residential setting.

8. College du Leman, Geneva (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $112,476

With over 260 students living on campus, Collège du Léman is a Swiss boarding and day school catering to students from many cultures and nations. The school claims that students push and encourage one another to value cultural diversity and become global citizens. The college architecture is filled with memories of European cultural legacy and the breathtaking natural beauty of the Alps. Collège du Léman charges one of the highest tuition rates, approximately $112,476.

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7. Leysin American School (LAS) (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $119,375

Founded in 1960, Leysin American School is an independent, coeducational residential school that specializes in educating students in grades 7 through 12 for college. LAS is currently a flourishing alpine campus where instruction is given in English, with over 300 students from all over the world and a global network of over 7,000 alumni. Leysin American School’s goal is to develop creative, compassionate, and globally involved people. At LAS, students develop into the best versions of themselves. American high school diplomas, ESL certifications, and International Baccalaureate degrees are all offered by this residential Swiss institution. One of the priciest boarding institutions, Leysin American School, charges about $119,375 per year.

6. St. George’s International School (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $126,516

St. George’s International School is one of the wealthiest boarding schools worldwide and one of the best IB schools in Switzerland. English graduates Lorna Southwell and Osyth Potts from Oxford University created the university. Academic success, student health, specialized instruction, and a unique natural environment for learning and growth are all given top priority at this school. This premier global premium learning institution has over 64 locations worldwide. Students age one through eighteen can choose from day and boarding programs at St George’s International School.

5. La Garenne International School (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $130,531

La Garenne is one of the oldest foreign schools in Switzerland. This organization offers personalized care to children between the ages of five and eighteen. The Méan family has owned and run La Garenne International School since the early 1980s. About 150 youths, ranging in age from five to eighteen, reside at LGIS. The school’s first IB Diploma recipients graduated in 2023.

4. Aiglon College, Villars-sur (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $140,845

Aiglon College, situated in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, is one of the best universities in the world. Located in the Swiss Alps, this institution offers IGCSE and International Baccalaureate qualifications. Students must participate in excursions every semester that provide them the chance to try out thrilling sports like rock climbing, camping, hiking, mountaineering, and kayaking.

3. College Alpin Beau Soleil (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $143,000

The prestigious Collège Alpin Beau Soleil, an international boarding school for students ages eleven to eighteen, is located in Switzerland, tucked away in the foothills of the Alps. Established in 1910, this exclusive boarding school costs approximately $6,200 for its outfit. Situated in a serene and picturesque mountainous setting, Collège Alpin Beau Soleil provides truly international education. This school offers exciting extracurricular activities like boxing, ice skating, horseback riding, yoga, and bird-watching.

2. Institut Le Rosey, Rolle (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $ 158,580

Paul-Émile Carnal, whose ancestry dates back to the 14th century, founded Institut Le Rosey, one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland, in the canton of Vaud close to the town of Rolle in 1880. Institut Le Rosey is a renowned boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland, with a rich history and culture. Le Rosey has a long history of producing aristocratic and well-educated nobles, including the children of kings, queens, and presidents. Le Rosey is notable for its opulent campus, high academic standards, and dedication to diversity. Furthermore, Institut Le Rosey ranks as the second most costly boarding school worldwide based on our analysis.

1. Institut auf dem Rosenberg (Switzerland)

Annual Tuition Fee (USD): $170,318

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a family-run, privately owned international boarding school located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The ranking shows that Institut auf dem Rosenberg, previously known as Institut Dr. Schmidt and founded in 1889, is the most expensive university in the world. Without a doubt, it is among the greatest boarding schools in Switzerland, if not the entire globe. It offers first-rate educational options, school buildings, and superior care.

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