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Top 15 English-Speaking Countries for Americans to Relocate

English-speaking countries offer Americans a global village, where a common language facilitates communication and equitable international dynamics, making them ideal for relocation.

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This post will examine the Top 15 English-speaking countries in which Americans can relocate.

The idea of a global language makes sense in our global village. The need for communication has never been greater with the growth of digitization and the surge in international trade and tourism. A common language facilitates equitable navigation of international dynamics. In the past, Latin became the universal language, or “lingua franca,” while English now has a prominent position. As such, there are many English-speaking countries that are ideal for people moving overseas, particularly those from English-speaking nations like the US.

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English as the Primary Language

It’s interesting to note that 67 nations have declared English to be their official language, demonstrating both formal recognition by governments and extensive classroom instruction. English speakers can be found almost anywhere in the world, with over 350 million people speaking it as their primary language and an additional 430 million using it as a second language. It is astonishing to note that a sizable fraction of these English speakers are not native speakers. As a result, there are many locations that speak English that might be added to the list of the best nations to relocate from the United States.

So why has English been so popular throughout time? The solution is easy to understand. English was intended to become the dominant language since it is used in the majority of daily activities. It is the most commonly used academic language; in 2020, English was spoken at 17 of the 20 universities in the world ranking. Furthermore, more than 1 billion internet users type in English, and more than half of the most popular website pages are in this language.

English is widely used in business, as over 95% of employers believe it to be essential, even in nations where it is not the official language. In fact, a research found that knowing English well can raise hourly pay by 28%. Proficient English speakers in a nation have been associated with higher salaries, more creativity, and a higher standard of living.

Moreover, English is the language of choice for international organizations, with 85% of them designating English as one of their official languages. The percentage of these organizations where English is the exclusive language is roughly one-third; for Asian international organizations, this percentage jumps to 90%.

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Foreigners and Their Integration

With more people traveling abroad, it is crucial to have a common language for smooth interactions. While the majority of tourist locations have the language abilities sufficient to communicate in English, proper integration of foreigners into society depends on a wider acceptance. Language is one of the biggest and most valid concerns that foreigners have when relocating overseas, among other worries and difficulties.

Numerous nations across the globe acknowledge the importance of foreign nationals living within their borders and are dedicated to making sure their settlement is seamless. Europe has realized the need of addressing the language barrier, especially with regard to English ability. English has long been promoted as the official language of Finland, with Helsinki leading the charge, and Belgium, more especially Brussels.

These nations, which have sizable expatriate populations, think that breaking down linguistic barriers is crucial to the health of the country. While English proficiency is high throughout Europe, it’s important to remember that, even if it can be advantageous to relocate from the US to an English-speaking country, a basic understanding of the local tongue can make absorption into the community much easier.

Overview of the English Learning Sector

The global market for business English language training is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate  of 5.75% and reach $4581.68 million between 2022 and 2027. Language learning has generally been increasing. Language learning platforms such as Duolingo, Inc.and Coursera Inc. have shown to be quite beneficial for both non-native English speakers and those looking to improve their English.

With more than 40 languages, including Welsh, Irish, French, and Spanish, Duolingo, Inc. may help US expats relocating overseas acquire location-specific languages and successfully navigate daily life. In addition to being useful for language learners, the platform is also a great resource for anyone trying to improve their English. Google – By including a new Google Search function, Alphabet Inc. has acknowledged the usefulness of Duolingo, Inc. Through an interactive experience, this feature aims to assist people from different countries in honing their English-speaking abilities.

Top 15 English-Speaking Countries for Americans to Relocate

15. Lithuania

Rank of the Quality of Life Index: 19

Index of Global Peace Rank: 36

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 27.5

Lithuania is a developed nation with a strong economy, making it a desirable destination for people looking for greater job prospects and a higher standard of living in general. The nation enjoys a comfortable standing in the global peace index and has a cheap cost of life. Furthermore, a major selling point for foreigners moving to Lithuania is the abundance of English speakers there. An estimated 30% of people are expected to speak English, with 80% of the younger generation (those under 30) speaking the language reasonably well. As a result, Lithuania stands out as one of the top English-speaking nations in which Americans can relocate.

14. Belgium

Rank of the Quality of Life Index: 27

Rank 20 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 23.5

Belgium has attracted a lot of foreign visitors with its reasonable housing, first-rate healthcare, top-notch education system, and delectable food. It also has a robust job market. The nation keeps its crime rate low, and its position in the Global Peace Index (GPI) adds even more credibility to its image as a secure place to relocate. English is one of the three official languages of the country, yet despite this, most people speak and understand it. According to the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) 2023, Belgium is ranked seventh, therefore Americans relocating there won’t experience any linguistic obstacles.

13. Sweden

Rank of the Quality of Life Index: 14

Index of Global Peace Rank: 28

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 21

Sweden, like many other European nations, has a much cheaper cost of living than the US. Excellent transportation, high-paying work possibilities, and inexpensive or nearly free health and education facilities are some of the country’s alluring features for individuals thinking about moving. Sweden is ranked among the world’s 30 most tranquil countries on a regular basis. Furthermore, a sizable section of the Swedish populace speaks fluent English, particularly the younger age. The nation’s dedication to using English in elementary school is reflected in its sixth-place ranking on the English Proficiency Index (EPI), demonstrating that language ability is not a barrier for foreigners living abroad.

12. Croatia

Index of Life Quality Rank: 21

Rank 14 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 17.5

Croatia stands out as one of the greatest English-speaking nations for Americans to relocate to. Beyond its natural delights, like a pleasant climate and breathtaking scenery, Croatia draws foreign visitors with a high level of life, as evidenced by the Quality of Life Index. The atmosphere of safety and security in the nation promotes a stylish and tranquil way of life. Due to the popularity of English as a second language and its widespread usage, American expatriates are likely to establish themselves fast. Croatia is even more appealing because it ranks 11th on the competence index, which puts it in the extremely high competency group.

11. Czech Republic

Index of Life Quality Rank: 23

Rank 12 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 17.5

Relocating to Czechia offers US people many advantages, including low crime rates, active expat organizations, high-quality yet affordable healthcare, and profitable job prospects. Furthermore, the bulk of the younger generation is fluent in English, with the nation ranked in the high competence category. Czechia thus merits a spot in our ranking of the greatest English-speaking nations in which Americans can relocate.

10. Estonia

Index of Life Quality Rank: 10

Rank 25 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 17.5

Estonia is one of the most reasonably priced countries in Europe to live in, and the people there are quite friendly and accommodating to foreigners, making it a wonderful place to live. The nation is a popular travel destination because of its tranquil and secure atmosphere. English is commonly spoken as a second language, thus communication is not too difficult for speakers of the language. The high level of skill in English is a result of the European education system, which places a strong emphasis on teaching the language from an early age. Considering these aspects, Estonia appears to be a good choice for Americans wishing to relocate to a nation where English is the primary language.

9. Ireland

Rank of the Quality of Life Index: 29

Rank 3 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 16

Ireland is an absolute haven for foreigners, tucked away near Europe and ornamented with lush and breathtaking surroundings. Even though the cost of living may be slightly higher than in other countries, readily accessible healthcare, affordable public transportation, and housing options that suit a variety of budgets all contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle. Ireland’s status as one of the safest nations is further cemented by its top-three placement in the Global Peace Index (GPI). Most people speak English, which is one of the official languages along with Irish, with a percentage of 97%. Ireland is without a doubt one of the greatest possibilities for Americans looking to relocate to a nation where English is the primary language.

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8. Norway

Index of Life Quality Rank: 8

Rank 24 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 16

Selected by over 877,200 foreign nationals, Norway offers its citizens an excellent standard of living that includes health, safety, education, and other necessities. US people would be in one of the best English-speaking countries to relocate to, with the extra benefit of English being a widely spoken language. Norway’s fifth-place ranking on the English ability Index (EPI) highlights the nation’s high level of language ability, since the majority of its citizens can converse in English at least somewhat well.

7. Portugal

Rank of the Quality of Life Index: 20

Rank 7 in the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 13.5

Portugal’s many advantages, including its great accessibility to healthcare and education, affordable cost of living, beautiful climate, and secure environment, have made it a popular destination for foreigners. But the nation’s fluency in English is another important feature that heightens its appeal. Around 25% to 33% of people can speak English fluently, placing them eighth on the English Proficiency Index (EPI). English is commonly spoken in large cities and popular tourist destinations like Lisbon and the Algarve, which adds to the expat experience.

6. Germany

Index of Life Quality Rank: 12

Rank 15 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 13.5

Germany is a highly developed nation that provides US expats with several advantages. Not only is healthcare less expensive than in the US, but living expenses are acceptable overall. The nation can sustain an exceptional level of living, as evidenced by its high rating on the Quality of Life Index. For individuals wishing to settle down in a tranquil setting, Germany’s high ranking on the Global Peace Index is encouraging. Moreover, with a very high competency rating, English is widely spoken and understood in major cities, popular tourist destinations, and college towns. Germany now holds the sixth spot on our ranking of the finest English-speaking countries in which to relocate from the United States.

5. Finland

Index of Life Quality Rank: 5

Rank 13 in the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 9.

With prominent placements on the Global Peace Index and the Quality of Life Index, Finland stands out as a particularly alluring option for Americans looking to relocate to an English-speaking nation. Finland is well-deserved for its high rankings since it has excellent healthcare and education standards, a low cost of living, and high purchasing power from well-paying jobs. The nation’s standing as the happiest place on planet is partly due to its safe and secure environment. The additional benefit for Americans is Finland’s high level of English ability. Since language is taught from an early age, most people under the age of sixty find it easy to communicate since they have a firm grasp of the basics.

4. Netherlands

Index of Life Quality Rank: 2

Rank 16 in the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 9.

The Netherlands can maintain a high level of living, as seen by its ranking of second on the Quality of Life Index. It makes sense that newcomers from the US would discover first-rate healthcare and educational resources in addition to other conveniences like outstanding work-life balance and high safety standards. Although Dutch is the official language of the country, English is recognized as the official language of the BES Islands in the Netherlands. English is the primary language of instruction in these areas’ schools. As a result, the Netherlands not only has the highest English Proficiency Index (EPI) score but also provides a friendly atmosphere for foreigners living there.

3. Switzerland

Index of Life Quality Rank: 7

Index of Global Peace Rank: 10

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 8.5

The level of living in Switzerland is exceptionally good, with everything from top-notch safety and breathtaking landscape to outstanding employment and school options, high average earnings, and cheap taxes. This is a land that has always drawn foreigners, and that appeal is probably going to last. Switzerland’s central location in Europe offers quick access to several neighboring locations. Additionally, English is widely spoken throughout the nation, but it is more so in some regions than others. In German-speaking cantons, for example, there are more English speakers than in French or Italian-speaking cantons. According to the English Proficiency Index (EPI), Switzerland is classified as having a high proficiency level.

2. Austria

Index of Life Quality Rank: 9.

Five on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 7

Austria is one of the greatest places for Americans to relocate where English is widely spoken, consistently placing in the top 10 for both the Global Peace Index and the Quality of Life Index. One of the biggest benefits of living in this country is being able to enjoy all of life’s pleasures at a reasonable price. Austria’s ranking as a safe refuge for settling down is further reinforced by its fifth place ranking in the Global Peace Index. The nation ranks third in the English Proficiency Index (EPI) due to the widespread use and instruction of the English language, indicating that language will not be a significant barrier for individuals thinking about relocating.

1. Denmark

Index of Life Quality Rank: 4

Rank 2 on the Global Peace Index

Average Insider Monkey Ranking: 3

Denmark tops our list because of its remarkable level of life, which is demonstrated by its high score on the Quality of Life Index. Denmark presents a tempting alternative for US citizens with free or inexpensive education, a strong focus on work-life balance, an opulent lifestyle, a dedication to equality, and a reputation for safety. The nation ranks fourth in the English Proficiency Index (EPI) and has a high level of proficiency in the language spoken by the majority of the population. Denmark, which speaks English, thus takes the top spot on our list of the greatest places for Americans to relocate.

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