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What Was Van Conner Cause of Death?

Van Conner Cause of Death: Van Conner, the co-founding bassist of the rock group Screaming Trees, died on Tuesday at the age of 55, according to a statement from his brother and bandmate. Gary Lee Conner uploaded a photo of himself and his brother to Facebook in order to notify his brother’s passing.

He stated that the deceased musician was one of his closest friends and that he will always grieve for his passing. In the same tweet, Conner’s “long sickness” was confirmed, but pneumonia ultimately proved fatal. The nature of the bassist’s “chronic illness” remains a mystery.

“Allow me to leave this inscription on Van’s tomb,” he said. “Screaming Trees bassist and songwriter Van Conner died yesterday night at age 55 following a lengthy illness.” In the end, pneumonia was the cause of his death.

He was one of my closest pals throughout my life. I will miss him forever and ever. Gary uploaded a YouTube clip of his song “Fade Out City (Epistle On Van)” to his social media website.

In the caption, he gently explained the childhood nightmare he endured at age eight. After his brother’s death, he awoke from a dream of himself in a cemetery. In addition, he mentioned the letter he planned to bury with him.

The message he intended to communicate to Conner was contained in the video he released. Following the announcement, the deceased bassist’s friends, relatives, and coworkers expressed their sorrow on Twitter.

Van Conner Cause of Death?

Van Conner went suddenly a few weeks after Lee’s January 5 message. Van’s death was attributed to pneumonia, according to his brother: “It was pneumonia that killed him.” Lee prepared a YouTube video in tribute to his brother and former bandmate Van Conner just hours after sharing the news of his passing.

When the guitarist was around 8 years old, he had a dream in which he was in a cemetery. “My intention was to write a letter on Van’s tomb. This was what was stated. Fade Out City (Epistle to Van) is the title of the song.

Van Conner Lives on in Our Hearts!

Conner originally earned a name for himself as a musician while playing bass in high school. Due to his passion for music, he co-founded Explosive Generation with his brother Gary and Mark Pickerel.

Mark Lanegan joined the band in 1985, following the name change to Screaming Trees. In the late 1980s, the band began dominating more stages while performing their best albums.

Among the albums it released were “Other Worlds,” “Clairvoyance,” “Even If and Especially When,” “Invisible Lantern,” “Buzz Factory,” “Change Has Come,” “Uncle Anesthesia,” “Sweet Oblivion,” “Dust,” and “Last Words: The Final Recordings.”

The band disbanded in 2000, despite the release of their most recent CD in 2011. After the band disbanded, Conner continued to play in more bands. In February 2022, though, his bandmate Lanegan passed suddenly.