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Brazilian Valentine’s Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Although the celebrations of 'Dia dos Namorados' have become intertwined with those of Saint Anthony's Day, the origin of the holiday is quite intriguing. In 1948, a publicist named Joo Doria,

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Brazilian Valentine’s Day is a variant of Valentine’s Day celebrated in Brazil on June 12 each year. Locally, the holiday is known as “Dia dos Namorados,” which means Boyfriends’/Girlfriends’ Day in Portuguese. Although the day is essentially identical to Valentine’s Day on February 14, it is difficult to observe Saint Valentine in February due to The Carnaval, one of Brazil’s largest outdoor celebrations. Therefore, Brazilians observe their version of Valentine’s Day on June 12, a date chosen due to its proximity to another day of love, Saint Anthony’s Day.

The background of Brazilian Valentine’s Day

Although the celebrations of ‘Dia dos Namorados’ have become intertwined with those of Saint Anthony’s Day, the origin of the holiday is quite intriguing. In 1948, a publicist named Joo Doria, who was attempting to increase sales for a clothing store, was the inspiration behind the establishment of a special Valentine’s Day in Brazil.

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Doria was inspired by the Brazilian Mother’s Day celebrations to establish a special day for lovers to exchange gifts and acts of love. The selected date was — you guessed it — June 12, and the holiday was named “Day of Lovers.”

Over time, the essence of the Brazilian Valentine’s Day festivities began to merge with the religious observances of Saint Anthony’s Day, which is commemorated on June 13.

Saint Anthony, affectionately known locally as Saint Anthony of Padua, is a very significant historical figure in Brazil. He earned the moniker “The Matchmaker Saint” due to his renown for assisting individuals in finding suitable partners.

Doria’s plan to establish a new holiday to increase sales was not only successful, but it also resulted in the creation of a holiday that has become an integral part of Brazilian relationships.

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Honour your partner

In many countries, it is customary to give gifts to acquaintances on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day in Brazil, however, it is more common to celebrate with only our significant others. On Valentine’s Day, there are numerous gift options, typically spanning from sweets with a theme of love and flowers to jewellery.

Attend a date.

On Valentine’s Day in Brazil, it is customary to have dinner with your significant other and exchange presents such as chocolate, love letters, and flowers. It is also common to arrange surprises and send romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day. Or, if you prefer solitude, you could have a romantic picnic on the shore or take that long-overdue road trip.

Visit Brazil

Take a trip to Rio de Janeiro and experience the ‘Dia dos Namorados’ decorations and traditional Brazilian dishes. In addition, you can attend musical performances, stroll through the verdant gardens, and create innumerable memories.


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