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Discover the Top 20 Budget-Friendly Destinations for Your Next Flight

The travel sector, particularly in Affordable Countries, is thriving in the tourism sector, despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with recovery expected by 2024.

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This article will examine the Top 20 Budget-Friendly Destinations. If you would choose, you can also skip our in-depth examination of the travel and tourism sector’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The travel sector has shown resilient in the face of the pandemic’s obstacles. Since the pandemic started in March 2020, there have been travel restrictions and a drop in consumer interest in travel throughout the course of approximately four years. Experts estimate that by 2024, the industry will have fully recovered.

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According to data from the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), foreign arrivals reached 88% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2023, marking a notable upswing in international travel. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), all regions saw an increase in foreign arrivals over 2022 levels. It is anticipated that this upward trend would last until 2024, with several places predicted to reach 2019 levels by year’s end.

Pent-up demand, better air connections, and a more robust rebound in Asian markets are the main reasons behind the predicted 1.3 billion rise in overseas visitors. Conversely, the Middle East experienced the greatest relative recovery, outpacing pre-pandemic levels by a margin of 22%.

Travel from the United States and regional demand drove 94% of 2019 levels in Europe, the most visited area in the world. In addition, Africa regained 96% of its pre-pandemic tourism, compared to 90% in the Americas. Different parts of Asia and the Pacific, such as South and North-East Asia, experienced different degrees of recovery; South Asia led at 87% of 2019 levels.

According to early projections, foreign tourism receipts in 2023 totaled USD 1.4 trillion, or around 93% of the USD 1.5 trillion that destinations collected in 2019. Additionally, it was projected that tourism-related export earnings, including passenger transportation, would total USD 1.6 trillion in 2023—nearly 95% of the USD 1.7 trillion reported in 2019. Furthermore, preliminary projections suggest that in 2023, tourism will have contributed USD 3.3 trillion, or 3% of the world GDP, to the economy as indicated by the tourist direct gross domestic product (TDGDP). This indicates that pre-pandemic TDGDP is recovering, propelled by strong domestic and international travel.

Analysts project that, by 2024, technology will be a major factor in propelling innovation and change in the travel and tourist industry. They stress how important data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital transformation are to changing the sector. Furthermore, it is projected that the broad use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) would improve travel experiences by enabling passengers to virtually visit locations from the comfort of their homes prior to finalizing their travel plans.

A global study that polled 27,000 travelers in 33 nations—including the US, Latin America, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK—reveals that travelers are striking a compromise between their desire for luxury and their ability to travel on a tight budget.

Among the intriguing results are the following: 47% of parents are thinking about sending their kids out of school for off-peak travel; 46% want to cut back on tips; and 50% want to use credit cards to control costs while making travel arrangements. In 2024, price-conscious choices will still be emphasized, but travelers are still managing to splurge without going over budget. For instance, 34% of respondents are amenable to borrowing high-end clothing and accessories for travel from friends or relatives.

Conversely, the luxury travel industry is down 14% from prior projections, which could point to a change in focus toward deeper experiences and a reassessment of purchasing patterns. Travelers in Europe will see a shift in 2024 toward shorter journeys that last three to four nights but have a greater daily budget.

This movement indicates that travelers are choosing opulent, shorter stays over longer vacations on tight budgets, suggesting a preference for quality over quantity. The emphasis of this “micro-cation” movement is on packing meaningful experiences into short bursts of time. Furthermore, skiplagging, often known as “hidden city flights,” has become more and more well-liked as a way for passengers to save money on flights in recent years.

There is no denying that there appears to be a trend in the market as customers look for more cost-effective travel solutions.

Prior to delving into our compilation of the 20 Lowest Countries To Fly To, let us examine the current events surrounding the major players in the travel sector. We will specifically talk about Booking Holdings Inc., Airbnb, Inc., and Marriott International, Inc..

Marriott International, Inc.

With 1.6 million rooms spread across luxury, full-service, and limited-service tiers and a diversified portfolio of over 30 brands, Marriott International Inc. has demonstrated remarkable growth and financial stability. Its success is attributed to its core brands, which include Sheraton, Marriott, and Courtyard, as well as more recent lifestyle brands, such Autograph and Moxy.

The company reported a 7.2% gain in worldwide Revenue per Available Room  for the quarter ended December 31, 2023. This growth was primarily driven by a strong 17.4% jump in overseas markets and a 3.3% increase in the U.S. and Canada.

Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter came in at $1,197 million, while adjusted net income increased to $1,055 million from $622 million in the prior year. Even with the addition of around 81,300 new rooms worldwide and rapid expansion abroad, Marriott continues to struggle to maintain growth in the cutthroat and dynamic travel and leisure sector.

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Airbnb, Inc.

An online marketplace for experiences and short- and long-term homestays is run by Airbnb, Inc. With a gross booking value of $15.5 billion, the corporation reported its fourth quarter results, which ended on December 31, 2023. With 98.8 million nights and experiences reserved, it surpassed analyst projections and increased by 12% from the prior year. Guests, particularly those using Airbnb for the first time, showed a great desire. The Israel-Hamas war in October and other outside events generated some volatility, but Airbnb’s company continued to grow throughout the quarter.

When comparing the fourth quarter of 2023 to the same period in the previous year, Airbnb’s revenue climbed by 17% to $1.9 billion. Above analysts’ projections of $645 million, the business reported adjusted earnings of $738 million. But unlike last year, when it made $319 million or 48 cents per share in net income, Airbnb lost $349 million, or 55 cents per share. This was mostly because of lodging tax reserves and nonrecurring tax withholding charges, which came to over $1 billion.

Book Holdings, Inc.

The travel technology business Booking Holdings Inc. is based in Norwalk, Connecticut. The corporation, which was established under the Delaware General Corporation Law, is the owner and operator of a number of metasearch engines and travel pricing aggregators, including well-known websites like Momondo,,,,, Cheapflights,, and OpenTable. Booking Holdings Inc. caters to a global clientele, operating in 200 countries and roughly 40 languages.

A notable 15% year-over-year rise in room nights was recorded by consumers during the third quarter of 2023, which concluded on September 30, 2023, with 276 million reservations made. Revenue from gross bookings was $40 billion, up 24% from the previous year. These numbers exceeded forecasts and established new quarterly records, demonstrating a persistently strong demand for travel.

The percentage of total hotel nights that came from overseas sources increased to over 50% in the third quarter of 2023 from over 45% in the corresponding period of 2022. More reservations are being made by travelers, which indicates that this trend of choosing travel over other optional expenses is probably going to continue into the upcoming year.

Top 20 Budget-Friendly Destinations

20. The Montenegro

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.04

Montenegro ranks last on our list of the Cheapest Countries To Fly To, with daily costs for lodging, meals, transportation, and activities ranging from $40 to $60 for visitors on a tight budget. Travelers on a budget should budget between $80 and $120 a day, which will give them more comfort and freedom. Depending on the traveler’s style and personal preferences, prices may change. The Adriatic Sea and imposing mountains are just two of Montenegro’s breathtaking scenery, while seaside cities like Budva and Kotor have a vintage charm with cobblestone alleys and ancient architecture. With its untamed peaks, profound gorges, and placid glacier lakes, Durmitor National Park is a hiking enthusiast’s dream come true. Travelers will be delighted by the country’s culinary scene, which combines cuisines from the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

19. Mexico

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.06

Exploring Mexico provides a multitude of excursions from Tulum to Baja California. This multicultural nation is renowned for its exquisite food, which is among the greatest in the world, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking natural beauty. Mexico may not have the best image for safety, but there are plenty of fun and safe places to visit all throughout the country, and the majority of violence happens in isolated areas.

The good news is that it’s possible to travel affordably in Mexico. You can visit several beautiful cenotes, like the one in the image, for less than $20. You may savor delicious street dishes like quesadillas, tortillas, and tacos (who doesn’t love them?) for less than $3. The nation’s white sand beaches are also essentially free to visit, and the friendliness and warmth of the people there are absolutely priceless.

18. Morocco

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.27

Morocco is thought to be a reasonably priced travel destination when compared to other African nations. If tourists avoid tourist traps, Morocco is still regarded as one of the more affordable travel destinations, even though it may not have the same low costs as Southeast Asia. For example, Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most colorful and active cities. Many come here to plan trips to the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert, as well as to explore the vast Medina. Traveling through Marrakech doesn’t have to be expensive if you eat at neighborhood restaurants rather than the tourist hotspots at Jemaa El Fnaa. Hostels in Morocco usually cost between $8 and $10 a night, and tours are likewise reasonably priced.

17. Costa Rica

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.38

Nestled between the Pacific and Caribbean seas, Nicaragua is well known for its varied topography, which includes beaches, lakes, and volcanoes. Even in its most affluent regions, the nation is an affordable travel destination, drawing in tourists. In comparison to its neighbors, Nicaragua is becoming more and more popular among expats looking for value because of its rich biodiversity and historic architecture. As a result, it is ranked 17th in our list of the Cheapest Countries To Fly To.

16. China

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.45

China, which ranks 16th on our list of the Cheapest Countries To Fly To, is a distinctly different travel destination with its own cuisine, language, culture, history, and biodiversity. China boasts amazing natural landscapes and various ecosystems, despite the idea that it is predominantly an urban country. Some of its most notable features include the reclaimed Great Wall, the colorful waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou, and the surreal beauty of Zhangjiajie and Huashan. China is a flexible and fascinating place to explore, with several national parks and natural treasures located beyond its megacities.

15. Africa

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.46

The favorable currency rate in South Africa, where 1 South African Rand equals 0.05 USD, is advantageous for visitors using USD or EUR. Backpacker accommodations, which are inexpensive and situated in scenic areas with distinct character, help the nation rank among the Cheapest Countries To Fly To. Making your own food might help you save money because eating out can get expensive in South Africa. Even though there isn’t much public transit outside of large cities, renting a car and splitting the cost with other tourists is an affordable method to see the nation.

14. Thailand

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.55

Travelers can readily discover affordable lodging alternatives in northern Thailand. For individuals with a tight budget or time constraints, staying in the north is the best option because costs rise as one proceeds south. Cheap dorms can be found for less than $7 in well-known locations like Chiang Mai and Pai. In addition, choosing street food provides a more genuine culinary experience together with financial savings. Finally, one can enjoy inexpensive activities without breaking the bank, including going to the White Temple or planning day trips with other travelers.

13. Peru

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.60

Peru, which is known for its adventure and food culture and has four restaurants included among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, one of which is ranked #1, comes next on our list of the Cheapest Countries To Fly To. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, is the centerpiece of the nation. When making travel plans, tourists should take into account the seasonal variations in the Southern Hemisphere, when February is the warmest month and August the coolest. It’s crucial to pack appropriately for a fun trip. With the end of the political and social instability that broke out in the nation in 2023, travel there is once more secure for visitors.

12. Bulgaria

Subindex of Price Competitiveness for 2021: 5.66

Bulgaria, which ranks 12th on our list of the Cheapest Countries To Fly To, is home to many mountains, such as the Rhodopes, Rila, Pirin, and the Balkan range, all of which provide varied scenery for winter mountain activities. The snow-covered summits and striking ridges provide opportunities for winter mountaineering, ski touring, and snowshoeing. The nation has a rich cultural legacy as well, with many historical landmarks and customs that permeate daily existence. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are used in local cuisine, such as vegetables, dairy products, and mild spices. Popular dishes include pig, poultry, fish, veal, and lamb. Bulgaria is also only a short internal flight or a five to six hour car journey from Sofia and offers a thriving nightlife, entertainment, and a clean coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches and blue seas.

11. Brazil

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.73

In Brazil, a lot of travelers opt to go to Rio de Janeiro and other cities with thriving hotel sectors. Popular travel spots include Salvador and Bahia, and more people are discovering the Northeast’s coastal regions. In the Amazon, ecotourism is growing in popularity, and in the south, Santa Catarina’s beaches draw lots of visitors from Argentina. Every year, more than a million tourists visit the Iguaçu Falls, which are connected to major cities by air and road. Travelers are also drawn more and more to national parks, historic attractions, and immaculate beaches. Brazil has a number of towns and regions that have been recognized for their cultural and historical value by being named World Heritage sites.

10. Philippines

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.76

In comparison to other Southeast Asian nations, hostel options are limited and traveling through the Philippines can be costly and time-consuming. Despite these obstacles, tourists on a tight budget can maintain low expenses by visiting during off-peak seasons, purchasing flights in advance, and limiting their itinerary to one or two places. As a result, the nation qualifies for our list of the Cheapest Countries To Fly To.

Beautiful islands, reasonably priced group island tours, and intriguing dive locations are all available in the nation, making for some very unique experiences that could cost more elsewhere. In this sense, visitors looking for good deals and unique experiences may find that spending money in the Philippines pays off.

9. India

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.83

India is renowned for being reasonably priced, especially for visitors who are prepared to haggle and look for deals. Budget options in the north can be modest, with rooms usually starting at $3 and hot water provided by old-fashioned bucket showers. With its stunning beaches, southern India has a greater chance of providing reasonably priced accommodation. It is advised to plan lodging and activities on your own, without the use of travel agencies or online booking services, if you want to travel to India on a budget. In person interactions with local tour operators, eateries, and guesthouses can result in lower costs for services than bookings made online.

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8. Namibia

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.85

Namibia is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth, such as the magnificent Sossusvlei, the alluring Deadvlei, and the vast Fish River Canyon. With most lodgings catered toward luxury tourists and few transit alternatives in such a large country, Namibia may not seem like a cheap place to visit, but there are ways to cut costs that might make a trip more manageable.

Spending a lot less might be achieved by choosing to tent rather than stay in luxurious hotels. While camping at their campsites costs about $8 to $10 per night, luxury resorts usually charge between $50 and $200 per night. Camping at government sites may cost $15 to $18 per night, which is a little higher. Splitting transportation expenses with fellow travelers can be achieved by renting a 4×4 car together. Using the shared kitchens in self-catering lodgings can also result in cost savings. Furthermore, entry costs to Namibian sites are typically reasonably priced.

7. Cambodia

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 5.94

Southeast Asia is well known for its reasonably priced travel, gorgeous beauty, fascinating history, colorful food, remarkable religious buildings, and breathtaking natural settings. On our list of Cheapest Countries To Fly To, Cambodia is included because it is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Southeast Asia. The breathtaking ancient Khmer temples in Siem Reap and the museums and palaces in Phnom Penh, the country’s capital, are two of the country’s main tourist destinations. Hostels in Cambodia provide rooms for as little as $4 a night, and substantial meals can be had for as little as $1.

6. Indonesia

Sub-Index for Price Competitiveness in 2021: 5.98

The cost of travel to Indonesia, the sixth nation on our list of the Cheapest Places To Fly, is mostly determined by transportation costs. Private boat trips between islands and intercity travel can be costly and time-consuming. It is advised to concentrate exploration efforts in a certain area in order to conserve costs. An affordable option to travel far is by local transportation. All over the nation, great and reasonably priced food and beverages are available. It’s affordable to partake in activities like scooter rides, hiking, waterfall excursions, and beach lazing. Hostels provide a wide variety of affordable housing options, especially in places like the Gili Islands.

5. Georgia

Subindex of Price Competitiveness for 2021: 6.02

Georgia is a lesser-known but equally beautiful destination in Europe that is reasonably priced for tourists. In addition to affordable minibus trips and lunches at local eateries starting at $3, the nation offers high-quality hostels at affordable rates. Furthermore, most historical sites and museums charge admission for less than $2. Hiking is a practical way to go both short- and long-distance, and Georgians are renowned for their friendly hospitality. Georgia has a lot to offer in terms of exploring opportunities, including historical monasteries, hiking routes, and day trips that may keep visitors occupied for a long time. For individuals who have more time than money, this location is perfect.

4. Vietnam

Subindex of Price Competitiveness for 2021: 6.03

Vietnam offers some of the best street food experiences in the country at very reasonable prices. For $1.50, one could have a bowl of soup that had rice noodles, cilantro, a tasty broth, and a big portion of pig shank. A cup of strong coffee only cost $1. Renting a motorcycle is a practical way to move around and spend the day exploring. In major cities, GrabBike, a bike ride-sharing service similar to Uber, offers rides for as little as $0.50 for a 2km route, catering to those who are uncomfortable riding motorbikes in locations like Vietnam where traffic may be hectic. There are also plenty of accessible, dependable, and reasonably priced long-distance buses and trains. In comparison to numerous other locations across the globe, accommodations in Vietnam are not only more affordable but also more comfortable.

3. Boliva

2021 Subindex of Price Competitiveness: 6.20

Due to its cost, Bolivia is a well-liked destination for tourists on a tight budget and backpackers. By eating at neighborhood restaurants and lodging in hostels, it is possible to explore Bolivia on a $20 day budget. Highlights of the nation include the breathtaking Salar De Uyuni salt flat and the charming Lake Titicaca. It gives a typical South American experience. For a one-of-a-kind adventure, adventurous tourists can hike through the Amazon jungle or explore isolated settlements.

2. Nepal

Subindex of Price Competitiveness for 2021: 6.22

When visiting local businesses, Nepal shows to be a reasonably priced travel destination, providing inexpensive options for lodging, food, and transportation. While some tourists might be wary of Nepali street cuisine, choosing to eat cheap, delectable home-cooked meals at independently owned cafés can often be a safer and more fulfilling option. Larger corporations have converted many local homestays into premium boutique hotels and resorts, so be cautious when making reservations online. It is advised to reserve the first few nights online and look for legitimate guesthouses in the area when you arrive to guarantee a genuine experience.

1. Malaysia

Subindex of Price Competitiveness for 2021: 6.46

Despite its reputation as an expensive country, Malaysia ranks first on our list of the 20 Cheapest Countries To Fly To and provides reasonably priced travel options. The nation’s many locations, which include the gorgeous islands of Borneo, the Cameron Highlands, and Borneo’s jungles, offer chances to interact with locals and have affordable experiences. Malaysia provides affordable overnight bus trips to the Perhentian Islands as well as free local market and neighborhood exploration. The food, which combines many cultures, is tasty and reasonably priced, albeit it’s not always healthful. Furthermore, Malaysia is acknowledged as one of the world’s most economical locations to earn a PADI scuba diving certification.

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