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Dunkin’s Leaked Spring Menu: What are the special treats included?

Dunkin's is preparing for spring with a leaked spring menu, featuring new flavors and goodies for aficionados, as social media users reveal sneak peeks of upcoming offerings.

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Dunkin’s Leaked Spring Menu: Even though spring isn’t here yet, food producers are preparing with fresh releases for the coming of warmer weather and brighter sky. According to the talk on social media, Dunkin’ aficionados in particular can get ready for some new flavours and goodies this spring. For example, a user on Instagram says they have given a sneak peek at things to come.

It’s hardly surprising that Dunkin’ has some updated ideas this year given its history of creativity on the morning menu, having expanded from its basic doughnut offering to famous breakfast tacos and pancake wraps. It tried morning empanadas in a few test markets last year, and it seems the pastry with flaky egg, cheese and sausage was excellent enough to be included in the new spring menu for this year.

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The supplier of coffee and doughnuts also plans to add additional sweet delights and hot and cold beverages with a churro influence to its beverage menu. The new churro latte is sure to become a favourite among those who enjoy their coffee with a gentle coating of whipped cream on top. Banana chocolate chip bread, cinnamon vanilla coffee alternatives, and a traditional donut dipped in cinnamon sugar may also be available on the menu.

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Dunkin’s Leaked Spring Menu

There will be some fruity drinks in the Dunkin’ spring lineup, if the leaked menu is correct. Two new additions to the iced beverage family are caffeinated drinks, designed for individuals who desire an energy boost without the caffeine. The Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine Sparkd energy drinks are similar to previous versions that included Rockstar or Monster goods, but it appears that they will have sparkling water and a new energy syrup. The amount of caffeine in comparison to their existing range of green tea refreshers is unknown at this time.


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There is a lot of excitement on Reddit over the new menu. Some winter specials in the drink and food categories will be gone with the spring menu release, according to a post on the DunkinDonuts subreddit. A few new point incentives will also be included. The reported modifications appear to be in line with the seasonal product cycle that we have been accustomed to, even though we haven’t verified them.

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