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Eat Flexitarian Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Eat Flexitarian Day was created by Planterra Foods, a Colorado-based plant-based protein startup, and OZO® Foods, the company's first plant-based protein brand,

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Eat Flexitarian Day is observed on June 12 and is a day for everyone to sample the incredible variety of plant-based foods. By adopting a flexitarian lifestyle, you can enjoy the best of both worlds — plants and meat — while continuing to consume your favourite foods and discovering new, savoury, and satisfying alternatives that leave you feeling your best, most balanced self.

Many people find it difficult to adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle because they believe it restricts their access to delicious foods, such as beef, chicken, and bacon, as well as foods that satiate savoury cravings. Flexitarianism is a wonderful alternative and opportunity for people to incorporate more plant-based foods that satisfy their cravings, while also having the option to occasionally consume meat or fish.

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The background of Eat Flexitarian Day

Eat Flexitarian Day was created by Planterra Foods, a Colorado-based plant-based protein startup, and OZO® Foods, the company’s first plant-based protein brand, to promote the consumption of more plant-based protein without sacrificing quality, flavour, or convenience. While it can be difficult to find plant-based options that satisfy savoury cravings, OZO® has created the True BiteTM experience with its new plant-based chicken cutlets and shreds and plant-based bacon – all of which provide a complete savoury and delicious experience from first sight to last bite.

Whether you’re interested in exploring vegetarianism or merely want to introduce plant-based protein to your diet, the juicy, tender flavour of plant-based protein, such as that found in OZO® products, will bring enjoyment and inspiration to your kitchen for a fresh, plant-based take on your favourite recipes.

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Evaluate your Diet

Before beginning the flexitarian diet, it is essential to assess your current diet, health, and any nutritional deficiencies to determine which foods are ideal for you. Before making significant dietary changes, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist or your preferred health specialist.

Create a strategy

The wonderful thing about the flexitarian diet is, you guessed it, its adaptability! Create a diet plan that works best for you and that you can easily adhere to.

Try out a plant-based dish.

Including more plants in your diet does not have to be challenging. Cook your favourite dish, but substitute meat with a plant-based alternative. Eating plant-based protein does not necessitate sacrificing the juicy, savoury sizzle of your favourite meat protein options; OZO®’s True BiteTM products combine everything you know and adore about meat for a complete, savoury plant-based experience. OZO® has recently introduced new True BiteTM Chicken Cutlets and Chicken Shreds and True BiteTM Bacon products to complement family-favorite recipes.

Serve a flexitarian meal at a supper party!

Invite some acquaintances to a potluck with a vegan twist. Encouraging guests to sample a new plant-based alternative is ideal for the plant-based expert or the carnivore seeking a novel culinary experience. Visit for dinner party inspiration and to discover a delicious recipe.


The flexitarian diet does not prohibit meat, dairy, or other animal products. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or even a die-hard carnivore, you can find something delectable that your mind and body will enjoy.

Increasing the amount of vegetables in a diet and reducing the amount of meat and its fat content can enhance health and well-being. Plant-based protein helps you consume well, feel better, and live your best by providing clean, protein-rich ingredients with the same savoury, succulent flavour as meat.

The flexitarian diet does not necessitate extensive purchasing or exotic ingredients in order to prepare tasty, filling meals. Simply substitute plant-based protein for animal protein in your family’s favourite recipes for a superior nutritional advantage without adding any additional ingredients.

Flexitarianism is simpler to maintain than vegetarianism. Living a healthy existence does not have to be difficult or complicated. You CAN consume nutritious foods without sacrificing flavour or convenience. The True BiteTM dining experience from OZO® is packed with flavour and protein and replicates the appearance, texture, and aroma of meat-based proteins.

A plant-based diet can have a significant environmental impact. Choosing to consume more plant-based proteins can reduce the amount of water, soil, and natural resources used by the livestock industry to produce meat proteins.


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