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National Chocolate Souffle Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

The 28th of February is National Chocolate Soufflé Day, so get your spoons ready! The chocolate soufflé represents the pinnacle of French decadence and delectability. The dessert is frequently associated with significant events, so it is only fitting that it has its own day of celebration. Enjoy National Chocolate Soufflé Day by donning aprons, preheating our ovens, and gathering the finest ingredients (or heading to our favourite French restaurants)

The background of National Chocolate Souffle Day

Vincent La Chapelle perfects a soufflé recipe by combining sweet and savoury ingredients such as candied lemon and veal kidney. Antoine Beauvilliers details how to make a soufflé in his book “L’Art du Cuisinier.”Antonin Carême is credited with developing numerous soufflé recipes and popularising the dish.Sabrina’s (portrayed by Audrey Hepburn) attempts to make soufflé at a Parisian culinary school are criticised by the school’s master chef.

French is synonymous with elegance, so merely uttering “chocolate soufflé” makes us feel sophisticated and continental. Chocolate soufflé is more delicate than chocolate cake, more refined than chocolate pudding, and more intriguing than chocolate ice cream. It makes us feel cosmopolitan when we order it, and gourmet when we prepare it. The chocolate soufflé is an incredibly elegant dessert that is incredibly simple to prepare. Many consider the dish to be difficult; we’ve all heard of the dreaded deflated soufflé! But here’s a secret: even when imperfect, they are delicious! Simple ingredients and minimal effort in the kitchen are required to prepare chocolate soufflés that yield magnificent results. If you like chocolate, you’ll love a chocolate soufflé. Even picky or unadventurous eaters can’t get enough of this delicious dessert. Skeptical? You’ve probably had one without realising it. Chocolate lava cake, which can be found on most dessert menus and in frozen food aisles, is a variation on the classic chocolate soufflé!

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Activities on National Chocolate Souffle Day

Prepare a chocolate soufflé by baking.

Put on your chef’s hat and favourite apron, put on some Edith Piaf, pull up a favourite recipe (we have some suggestions), and get cooking! Baking a chocolate soufflé can be the ideal conclusion to a formal dinner, or it can suffice as a dessert after ordering pizza. The most important thing is to serve this impressive dish immediately after it comes out of the oven, so save room for dessert!

Order a chocolate soufflé

If you’d rather not bake, we don’t blame you; in fact, we’re excited for you to experience the ecstasy of a chocolate soufflé baked by a professional chef! Visit your favourite French restaurant for steak frites, coq au vin, bouillabaisse, or ratatouille, followed by a perfectly cooked chocolate soufflé. Magnifique!

Hold a chocolate soufflé baking contest.

Make your celebration social by inviting guests to a friendly baking competition. Set out the ingredients, have your friends compare their egg-beating, batter-folding, and oven-watching abilities, and then declare a winner! The highlight? Chocolate souffles for all!


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2023 February 28 Tuesday
2024 February 28 Wednesday
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