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National Hamburger Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Hamburger Day is observed annually on May 28 to honour America’s most iconic cuisine. Americans consume more than 50 billion burgers annually, so it is only appropriate that we dedicate an entire day to these special sandwiches. Originating in Hamburg, Germany, the modern hamburger was created in Seymour, Wisconsin, a city still renowned for its hamburger achievements.

The background of National Hamburger Day

The hamburger, certainly. A baked bun, a beef patty, mustard, sauce, onion, and pickles, with cheese available as an option. Convenient, inexpensive, and delectable, the history of the world-famous burger is complex and uncertain. No one is certain about the origins of the hamburger, other than the fact that it is named after the German city of Hamburg.

The association with Hamburg appears to derive from a 1758 recipe for a dish called “Hamburg Sausage.” Others believe the name originates from the Hamburg America Line, which served comparable sandwiches to its passengers in the mid-1800s. To this day, there is little consensus regarding the origin of the iconic cuisine.

Numerous deli and diner proprietors throughout the United States assert that their establishment invented the burger. However, historians seem to agree that the food as we know it today acquired widespread popularity at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, which also gave us the ice-cream cone. Regardless of how it occurred, the hamburger has become one of the most widely consumed foods in the world, appearing on menus from Texas to Thailand. One can purchase them for a dollar each, or they can be made with gourmet ingredients that cost hundreds. Regardless of how you choose to eat, this day is for you. Gather your pals around the grill and prepare some delicious hamburgers.


Prepare the griddle.

Of course! Set up the lawn chairs, fill the containers with ice, and fire up the grill. The best way to appreciate a homemade burger is with family and friends.

Consume a gourmet burger.

Gourmet burgers can be found on the menus of numerous sophisticated dining establishments. Try a burger crafted from Wagyu beef or covered in gold leaf.

Drive-through service!

The fast-food hamburger is virtually synonymous with sustenance. Sometimes, you want it to be inexpensive and quick. Stop by your local fast-food restaurant for some inexpensive but delicious cuisine.


Over fifty percent of all sandwiches sold globally are hamburgers.

The most costly burger in the world costs over $5,000.

During World War I, hamburgers were referred to as “Liberty Sandwiches.”

There is a hamburger hall of fame in Seymour, Wisconsin, the alleged originator of the sandwich.

The average American consumes three hamburgers per week.


Year Date Day
2023 May 28 Sunday
2024 May 28 Tuesday
2025 May 28 Wednesday
2026 May 28 Thursday
2027 May 28 Friday