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National Bald is Beautiful Day 2022: Date, History and Warning Signs of Balding

National Bald is Beautiful Day is a day to raise awareness about hair loss and baldness. The event was created by the Hair Loss Association of America (HLAA) in order to break down the stigma that surrounds hair loss and baldness. September 13, 2022 is the official date of National Bald is Beautiful Day.

What is Baldness?

Baldness is a condition in which hair follicles are absent or have lost their function.
2. It is not a disease.
3. There is no one cause of baldness.
4. Baldness can affect any age group and any race.
5. Baldness is not contagious.
6. There is no known cure for baldness.
7. Baldness can be treated to varying degrees with various methods, but there is no cure that guarantees full hair restoration.
On National Bald is Beautiful Day – September 13, people from all over the world come together to celebrate this condition and encourage others to learn more about it so that they can better understand and support those who suffer from it. Baldness affects millions of people worldwide, and it can be pretty frustrating when you don’t know what to do about it! However, there are many ways to deal with baldness, and most people can find an approach that works best for them. In fact, many people who suffer from baldness report that the experience has given them a newfound self-confidence and a greater understanding of their own unique beauty.


Year Date Day
2022 September 13 Tuesday
2023 September 13 Wednesday
2024 September 13 Friday
2025 September 13 Saturday
2026 September 13 Sunday

Causes of Baldness

Baldness is a common problem that affects millions of people around the world. There are several causes of baldness, but the most common is male-pattern baldness (MPB).

Male-pattern baldness is caused by a hormone called androgen which triggers the growth of hair on the scalp. During puberty, androgens play an important role in the development of male characteristics, including hair growth. As men age, their androgen levels decrease, which can lead to MPB.

There are several ways to treat MPB. Some treatments involve medications, while others involve surgery. The most common surgical treatment is hair transplantation, which involves removing hair from other parts of the body and transplanting it onto the scalp.

There are also many ways to prevent baldness. Some people use hair loss prevention products, while others try to avoid situations that might trigger MPB. Whatever you do to prevent baldness, make sure to consult with a qualified doctor.

Warning Signs of Balding

The signs of balding can be difficult to see, but they are important to know if you are concerned about your hair loss. Here are some warning signs of balding:

1. You may start seeing patches of hair that are thin and veiny. This is a sign that the hair is dying and will soon fall out.
2. Your scalp may become red, sore, and itchy. This is a result of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is produced when balding occurs. DHT can cause inflammation in the scalp, which can lead to baldness.

How to Celebrate National Bald is Beautiful Day

To celebrate National Bald is Beautiful Day, there are several ways you can get involved. You can visit a hair salon and have your hair cut at a discount. You can also donate to a charity that supports hair restoration. You can also join a group of people who are going out for a bald celebration parade or event. Finally, you can shave your head in honor of the day. whichever way you choose to celebrate, be sure to have fun!

Facts About Baldness

Baldness is a common problem that affects many people. It is caused by the loss of hair on the scalp, and it can cause a lot of distress.

There are a lot of myths about baldness, and many people believe that it is a sign of weakness or bad appearance. However, baldness is actually a normal part of ageing, and it can be prevented or reversed with treatment.

Baldness is not exclusive to men, and women can also experience problems with hair loss. However, women tend to experience more severe symptoms due to the hormone fluctuations that are common during women’s menstrual cycle.

There are several facts about baldness that you should know if you are concerned about your hair loss. First, baldness is not due to genetics – it is a problem that can be fixed with treatments. Second, baldness is not permanent – hair can grow back once the underlying cause has been treated. Third, there are several ways to deal with baldness – you can choose between traditional hair restoration treatments or laser hair removal procedures. Fourth, baldness does not mean that you are aging – in fact, young adults and older adults often experience balding problems. Finally, there are many

What to do if You Already Have Baldness

If you are already bald, there are a few things you can do to help preserve your hair. First, make sure to keep your hair healthy. Avoid using harsh chemicals or products on your hair, and keep it styled in a way that doesn’t pull on the hair. Second, make sure to keep your head covered when you are outside in the sun. This will help to prevent sun damage to your hair. Finally, take steps to prevent skin cancer. This includes using sunscreen every day and avoiding tanning beds.


In observance of National Bald is Beautiful Day – September 13, 2022, we would like to remind everyone that baldness is not a disease and there is no need to feel self-conscious or ashamed about it. Baldness is part of the natural aging process and should be celebrated! We hope that by raising awareness about this important day, we can help people understand that baldness does not have to be a major concern. If you are considering growing your hair out in support of National Bald is Beautiful Day, please know that it’s okay to make any decisions you feel comfortable with — regardless of how many people may disagree with you. We believe in freedom of expression and diversity, so long as everyone involved respects each other’s rights and beliefs. Thank you for joining us in celebrating National Bald is Beautiful Day!