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World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 2024: Date, History and Facts

World Cholangiocarcinoma Day, an international day in the United States, raises awareness about the rare but aggressive form of cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, which affects 11,000 cases annually.

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World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 2024: World Cholangiocarcinoma Day is an international awareness-raising event for a very rare but severe form of cancer. It will be held on the third Thursday of February, starting in 2023.

This year, on February 15, it happens. It may surprise you to learn that approximately 11,000 instances of cholangiocarcinoma are identified in the US annually. Indeed, it is among the deadliest and rarest types of the disease. What precisely is cholangiocarcinoma, and is there a way to avoid it? All the information you require about World Cholangiocarcinoma Day is provided here.

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World Cholangiocarcinoma Day History

Cholangiocarcinoma is an uncommon kind of cancer that arises in the tiny tubes and bile ducts that surround and transfer digestive fluids to the liver. It also has an impact on the gallbladder. Physicians, nurses, cancer survivors, and activists unite on World Cholangiocarcinoma Day to bring much-needed attention to this type of liver cancer.

Cholangiocarcinoma is thought to be the worst type of cancer in part because it is a challenging diagnosis to make. There aren’t any particular screening tests available right now to identify this illness. In actuality, many people who suffer from this illness show no symptoms at all. So how do individuals recognize this illness? Bile duct tumors are typically discovered during tests or operations for other liver or bile duct disorders, such as gallstones. The nature of this disease is another factor contributing to its lethality. A cholangiocarcinoma affects the bile duct and liver. Detoxification and intake depend on a healthy liver. However, in people with cholangiocarcinoma, the tumors in the bile duct impede the liver’s ability to perform specific activities, leading to symptoms such as weight loss, jaundice, abdominal pain, and accumulation of toxins in the body.

Thus, early disease detection is a good way to start treatment. Regretfully, the incidence of cholangiocarcinoma is rising worldwide despite its low understanding and lack of study. Thus, going forward, let’s all commit to adopting good practices to preserve a healthy liver and to assist and support individuals who are battling cancer.

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World Cholangiocarcinoma Day: How To Observe It

Offer your assistance.

You can pledge by going to the official World Cholangiocarcinoma Day website. This will contribute to changing the world.

Let the light shine

You can email a picture to your friends, share a post about this fatal illness on social media, or visit the World Cholangiocarcinoma Day official website to join a petition. This will give the website’s global map a fresh perspective.

Tell us about your survival experience.

If you have survived this fatal illness, tell the world about your incredible struggle and survival. This could support and motivate others to combat this illness.

Five deadly facts about cancer and cholangiocarcinoma

  • The five-year survival rate is less than 20% when the disease is discovered at an advanced stage.
  • It is estimated that the annual economic cost of cancer is $1.16 trillion.
  • Globally, cancer is the second-most common cause of death.
  • It is possible to avoid over 50% of all cancer cases.
  • The most vulnerable group used to be those over 65, but in recent years, there has been a new trend that affects age groups beyond that.

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The significance of World Cholangiocarcinoma Day

It increases consciousness.

World Cholangiocarcinoma Day is an important awareness-raising event for one of the worst cancer types. It would benefit those in need if people observed this day and shared the word.

It benefits individuals who are impacted.

For information and support, people affected by cholangiocarcinoma can go to the AMMF Charity website. You might direct them to the details.

It encourages investigation.

Joining forces to commemorate this day not only helps spread awareness but also funds and research toward a cure for this illness. Giving from the heart will be very beneficial.


2022February 17Thursday
2023February 16Thursday
2026February 19Thursday
2024February 15Thursday
2025February 20Thursday
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