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_A Catholic Nun's Body Is Found Four Years After Her Death

A Catholic Nun’s Body Is Found: According to the Catholic News Agency, the body of a nun recently unearthed in Missouri appeared to be in good condition. This resulted in a large number of pilgrims visiting the site to witness the “incorrupt” corpse.

The cadaver of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, a 70-year-old nun who founded the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, has been identified. Lancaster, who passed away on May 29, 2019, at the age of 95, was recently reinterred in the chapel after her body was exhumed, as per tradition.

However, the news agency reported that Lancaster’s body exhibited no signs of decay after being buried in a wooden sarcophagus without embalming for four years.

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There are no explanations as to why the body did not decompose

The Catholic Church is aware of the situation and is conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lancaster’s corpse; the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph released a statement expressing its commitment to a comprehensive investigation.

The diocesan asserted that the phenomenon of a corpse not decomposing, which Catholics refer to as “incorruptibility,” had previously been observed and confirmed, and is generally regarded as proof that the deceased person deserves to be canonised.

However, the diocesan also noted that Lancaster’s incorruptibility was exceptionally rare and that no measures had been taken towards his canonization.

What Happened To Wilhelmina Lancaster, Sister?

Lancaster, a Missouri native born into a Catholic family, reportedly had a mystical encounter with Jesus at a young age and swore to devote the remainder of her life to the Christian priesthood.

Her established order was renowned for its adherence to the Benedictine Rule and for popularising Gregorian chant and hymn recordings.