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Bristol Palin Weight Gain Know about her Battle With Cosmetic Surgeries!

Bristol Palin Weight Gain: Bristol Palin has returned to social media to provide an update on her health to her followers. On Sunday, September 10, the 32-year-old responded to a fan question on her Instagram Story regarding her recent social media seclusion. The mother of three disclosed that her health had prompted her to take a vacation.

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Bristol Palin Wrote:

I’ve been largely absent for the past year — I ceased taking my adderall prescription and had those two surgeries within the past year — I’ve gained weight and my confidence has suffered as a result. I honestly had no desire to post anything. I simply appreciate my privacy much more as I age.

Another devotee inquired about Palin’s decision to stop taking the ADHD medication Adderall that she was prescribed.

Bristol Palin Elaborated:

When I read that there was a severe Adderall shortage, I realized how many people were taking them like livestock. Honestly, they felt like a crutch, and I don’t want crutches in my life, so I ceased using them. Additionally, they make you extremely irritable, and I don’t want to be an impatient mother.

After undergoing her ninth breast reconstruction surgery earlier this year, Palin also discussed her extensive history of cosmetic procedures.

Bristol Palin spoke:

Bristol Palin Weight Gain: I had a breast reduction at age 19. The doctor in Alaska performed a full-thickness amputation on me, causing a great deal of muscle damage, tissue damage, and scar tissue. I’ve counted nine surgical procedures since then. I’ve had implants inserted and removed, among other procedures.

“In November, I underwent surgery that was likely unnecessary,” Palin explained. “[My breasts] were only slightly asymmetrical, and I desired smaller prostheses, so I went in for the procedure. However, it turned out to be a massive operation, and she had to return in January for a complete revision. Due to the bungled breast reduction when I was 19, I’ve had a number of cosmetic breast procedures.

In January, shortly after her surgery, Palin revealed on social media that the entire experience had been physically and mentally taxing.

At the time, the former Teen Mom OG star explained:

I despise being a whiner, but this surgery has placed a pause/delay in my life, which is why I’ve been relatively absent.

Bristol Palin Included

Trying my utmost to remain positive, hype myself up, and remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for. I am robust and completely capable, and this is merely an inconvenience because things could be worse.