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Coco Gauff Boyfriend

Coco Gauff Boyfriend: The American tennis sensation Coco Gauff has garnered attention for both her groundbreaking performance on the court and her mysterious inner life. The 19-year-old is still single after making it all the way to the quarterfinals of prestigious competitions like the US Open 2022 and the Australian Open 2023. Her primary concentration at the moment appears to be on her developing tennis career.

She has also won numerous championships in the singles and doubles divisions. Her recent victory with Caty McNally at the Australian Open doubles crown in 2023 has brought her back into the spotlight. Even yet, there are still few data available regarding Coco Gauff’s romantic relationships or lover.

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Speculations regarding Coco Gauff Boyfriend

  • 2021 – Michael B. Jordan and Coco Gauff declined to confirm their connection.
  • 2022 (US Open) – Reached the quarterfinals while playing doubles with Caty McNally.
  • 2023 – Won the doubles championship in the 2023 Australian Open with Caty McNally.
  • 2023, August – Parents Corey and Candi Gauff are in attendance at the WTA-Upper Austria Ladies final.

Coco Gauff’s Singles and Doubles Career

Coco Gauff’s path has been nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to singles. Her quarterfinal performance in the 2022 US Open grabbed attention. Her doubles career, meanwhile, is particularly noteworthy. Particularly remarkable has been her collaboration with Caty McNally, who is also pursuing a singles career.

The pair has achieved such fame that they have even acquired the moniker “McCoco.” Fans are clamoring for more as they have been making waves in the tennis world.

Coco Gauff has worked on double projects with other artists besides just Caty McNally. Jessica Pegula, a young American tennis player, has also been a frequent partner. In 2022, their collaboration paid off with a victory at the Miami Open.

Exploring Coco Gauff’s Dating Life

The mystery surrounding Coco Gauff’s partner or love life is stoked in part by her own reluctance to discuss it. There have been rumors because of the athlete’s extreme secrecy. There were rumors in 2021 that she would be dating actor Michael B. Jordan, but nothing was ever proven.

The public’s interest in her personal life is still growing despite the obscurity surrounding her dating life. This interest has only grown due to the tennis star’s concealment.

Coco Gauff’s Family

The parents of the little tennis sensation, Corey and Candi Gauff, are like her own personal cheerleaders. During her matches, the duo is frequently spotted in the audience, giving her vital emotional support. They were actually recently seen at the WTA-Upper Austria Ladies championship in August 2023.

This family foundation is essential to her personal life as well as her tennis career.

Reactions and Speculations

The enigmatic love life of Coco Gauff has sparked a flurry of fan theories and media conversation. Even some of her romantic life has inspired fan fiction, according to some followers. But Coco Gauff doesn’t say anything.

On a similar topic, she recently sent Naomi Osaka congratulations on social media following the birth of Osaka’s daughter, a move that sparked a lot of debate among fans and the media.


Coco Gauff is still a subject of attention, regardless of her successes on the tennis court or her restrained private life. No verified information regarding Coco Gauff’s partner has surfaced as of 2023. The prodigy’s dedication to her sport shows that tennis is still her one and only genuine love at this time.