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Is Nate Schatzline Gay

Nate Schatzline, a Texas state representative notorious for banning drag performances in the state, has been spotted dressed in drag. The internet seems to be awash with the question, “Is Nate Schatzline gay?” after his viral video in a drag dress exposed his duplicity.

Nathan Schatzline is an anti-trafficking activist and a conservative Texas state representative. He defeated KC Chowdhury, a Democrat, in the Texas House of Representatives election of 2022.

In 2023, Schatzline modified the Texas Business and Commerce Code to include anti-drag policies.

The LGBTQ+ community has criticised him for prohibiting drag performances in Texas.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the bill classifies as sexually-oriented businesses establishments that feature drag shows and serve alcohol. In Texas, drag performances are therefore subject to specific restrictions and taxes.

This drag enemy has been spotted wearing women’s clothing in a viral video sweeping the Internet.

Is Nate Schatzline Gay – Why Did He Dress In Drag? Sexuality

In the video, Nate is seen donning a black mask with red eyes and dancing with his friends. Despite appearing in drag, Nate Schatzline is not homosexual.

The video lasts 86 minutes. Schatzline is seen dancing and sprinting in a park in the video. Even one of his pals chases him through the park while “Sexy Lady” by Javi Mula plays in the background.

In the recording, the Texas State representative was an adolescent. He even verified that he appears in the video wearing women’s clothing.

On March 2, Nate posted an explanation for his actions on his Twitter account, @NateSchatzline, with the caption “response to media posting a class assignment from my teenage years. Sometimes you just gotta chuckle.”

According to him, “Left-Wing media outlets have done precisely what they do” He even accused the media of distorting the news and stories to make them appear otherwise.

Schatzline clarified in a video that it was merely “some class assignment” he completed as a teen. He claimed that his “friends” had “dared” him to don a dress, so he did.

At the conclusion of the video, the congressman encouraged controversy by saying, “Let’s have some fun with it.” This has resulted in more criticisms against him, as he views drag as “a sexually oriented enterprise,” despite the fact that he does it for “fun.”

“Are y’all really going nuts because I wore a dress to school as a joke for a theatre project? This isn’t a sexually explicit drag performance… Nate tweeted, “lol you guys will distort ANYTHING.”

He even stated that the true reason for making drag performances illegal in his state is to protect the innocence of future Texans by prohibiting sexually explicit performances.

Nate, however, is not homosexual. He is an attentive spouse to Adrienne Schatzline. Together, this blissfully married couple has three sons.

Nate Schatzline Partner Revealed

The conservative legislator is heterosexual and happily married. His wife is Jason Mitchell Group real estate agent Adrienne Schatzline.

Schatzline and his partner have been married for eleven years. They exchanged wedding vows on June 1, 2011.

The couples have three sons each. Jack Schatzline, Andrew Schatzline, and Skylar Schatzline are their sons’ names.

The Schatzline couple enjoys spending as much time as possible together and occasionally travelling.