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Jeremy Foster New Wife: A Look into His Married Life

Jeremy Foster, a renowned writer and filmmaker, has recently tied the knot with his new wife, sparking significant interest in his personal life and celebrity gossip.

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Jeremy Foster New Wife: There has been considerable interest in the relationship between Jeremy Foster and his new wife in the world of private life and celebrity gossip. Foster, a well-known writer and filmmaker, has captivated audiences with his artistic talents.

His recent marriage has sparked rumors about his personal life, despite his career achievements. Jeremy Foster’s new spouse is causing rumors and whispers to circulate, adding an intriguing element to the intrigue surrounding him.

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Those interested in learning more about the mystery behind this famous figure’s most recent romantic chapter are invited to dive into his personal life.

Jeremy Foster: Who Is He?

A well-known American celebrity is Jeremy Foster. Among Jeremy Foster’s most famous works in the United States are Winner Takes All and The Dark Hunter. Jeremy Foster also founded Houston’s Hope City Church in 2015. Foster and his former spouse, Jennifer, founded Hope City Church in 2015.

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Previously, Foster served at Hope City Church in Houston, Texas, known as the fastest-growing church in American history. The Roys Report (TRR) reported in January 2022 that Hope City, which joined the Association of Related Churches (ARC) in 2015, had increased to about 12,000 members in four years.

Jeremy Foster: New wife

It was eight months after Jeremy Foster left Hope City, a megachurch in Houston operated by the Association of Related Churches (ARC), that he and his wife, Jennifer Foster, the mother of their six children, divorced.

A priest from The Pentecostals of the Twin Cities officiated at the wedding of Jeremy Foster and Ratchadaporn Thongaram, a non-religious individual who was charged with operating an unauthorized massage business. Foster’s father, Mark Foster, is the bishop for the Pentecostals of the Twin Cities.

In the community, Foster confessed to an adulterous relationship with a person who was not a member of the church, according to an overseer. One month after he left Harris County, his ex-wife filed for divorce, according to Harris County court records.

Following the meeting, Foster was married to Ratchadaporn Thongaram, according to the marriage license. Foster obtained divorce papers at Thongaram’s house in February, the same house where they lived together.

In 2009, Thongaram was charged with operating a massage parlor without a license, according to Harris County court records, but the charge was later dismissed.

On the marriage license, Foster’s father, W. Mark Foster, officiated the wedding. Bishop Foster leads the Pentecostals of the Twin Cities (POTC), a United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) congregation in Louisiana.

As of 2018, Mark Foster has not responded to TRR’s attempts to contact him for comment. According to POTC’s website, he led the church from 1998 until 2017. His father, Fred Foster, served as the church’s pastor for more than 28 years.

Even though the UPCI does not officially recognize retiring pastors as bishops, some of its member churches do. It is unclear if the UCPI gives its ministers any guidelines on how to conduct ceremonies after divorce and adultery.

We are unable to reach the general superintendent of UPCI since he is overseas. Without repentance, Christians who commit fornication or adultery lose their sanctification and are not qualified to enter the kingdom of God.

Apologizes for the ‘adulterous affair’ of Jeremy Foster

Following an affair with his wife, Foster resigned as Hope City’s pastor last year, according to The Roys Report, and apologized to his Instagram followers. In his nine-minute video confession, Foster confessed to adultery. After a year of silence, the humiliated megachurch pastor revealed his scandalous affair with a woman other than his wife.

According to the website, Foster remarried in November after divorcing his first wife and leaving Hope City during the turmoil.

As I mentioned, I had a moral failing. I also hurt my family deeply. I harmed the church I was leaving, as well as many employees, volunteers, and those who follow, listen to, and love me. Foster wrote on Instagram, “I didn’t even have any idea I would do this, and I am very sorry.”

According to Foster, he and his ex-wife remain amicable. Former Mega City pastor: “We’re working well with their younger children.”

Another Roys source sources that Hope City supervisor Mark Briggs announced Foster’s departure in January 2022, describing Foster’s claims as “BS.” Foster’s oldest child, Jayden, called his claims “BS.”

After Foster confessed to the affair, Jackie and Daniel Groves took over Foster’s position at Hope City.

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