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Midnight Tyrannosaurus Allegations and Sexual accusations

American dubstep music producer and DJ Midnight Tyrannosaurus is the stage moniker of Jason Figlioli. Figloni is a native of Tampa. He came up with the name Midnight Tyrannosaurus while under the influence of hallucinogenic substances and searching Google for images of T. rex. Because midnight is the most refined hour of the day, he casually remarked, “That’s a Midnight Tyrannosaurus,” upon observing a T. Rex wearing a top hat and monocle. In 2011, he began making music.

His preferred musical styles are strong bass and dubstep. His most well-known compositions include “Headzipper,” “Omnic Crisis,” “Planet Purge!” and “Revenge of the Goldfish” with Subtronics and EH!DE.

In the underground dubstep community, bass music producer Midnight Tyrannosaurus from Florida has been causing quite a tremor. Quickly gaining popularity and Deejay support from prominent figures such as Excision, Figure, and Cookie Monsta. Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ releases on Chronos Records, I. Am. Audio, Prime Audio, and Anamnesis have charted highly on Beatport.

In addition, he is well on his way to becoming an industry staple. The Setasaurus is memorable due to its heart-pounding sub bass and raw, genuinely dinosaur-sounding synths.

Explanation of the Midnight Tyrannosaurus Allegations and Sexual Accusations

Late in the year 2020, numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and violent behaviour against Midnight Tyrannosaurus surfaced on social media. The accusations were made by several women who claimed to have interacted with him in person or online. This led to a widespread outcry and calls for action against him.

The accusations against Midnight Tyrannosaurus, also known as Jason Figlioli, range from emotional abuse and manipulation to sexual harassment. One woman claimed that Figlioli inappropriately confronted her when she was in a vulnerable position. She claimed that he had exploited her and that the incident had left her traumatised.

Another woman claimed that Figlioli used his position in the music industry to coerce her into a sexual relationship and emotionally manipulate her into doing things she did not want to do. She claimed that he would blacklist her if she did not comply with his requests.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Allegations and Sexual accusations

Midnight Tyrannosaurus posted a response to these accusations on his social media profiles. He claimed that the allegations made against him were false and defamatory. In addition, he stated that he would file a lawsuit against the accusers.

The accusations made against Jason Figlioli, alias Midnight Tyrannosaurus, infuriated fans and fellow EDM artists alike. While a number of other singers demonstrated their support for the victims, numerous admirers demanded that he be held accountable for his actions.

Real Name Of The Midnight Tyrannosaurus And Wiki

In actual life, Midnight Tyrannosaurus is known as Jason Figlioli.

She arrived on the scene less than two years ago and is a native of New York City. Midnight Tyrannosaurus has rapidly gained popularity due to his distinctive, intense growl baselines, heart-melting sub-bass, and support from some of the most prominent artists in the underground scene. Keep a watch out for this person in the future.

Midnight T is well-liked by dubstep’s greatest stars, including Excision, Getter, Cookie Monsta, TrollPhace, and his best friend Figure. He is known for his metallic screeches. Clearly, Midnight Tyrannosaurus is here to cause devastation, and he intends to remain.

The internet contains little information about the American music producer, but he will be updated if new information is discovered.