By | 29 Jul 2022 at 11:16 PM

Doing away with its old system wherein one teacher used to take multiple subjects in a class, the Municipal corporation of Delhi has now decided to implement a period system in which one teacher would teach only one subject in different classes, officials said on Friday.

Along with this, teaching work will be done in all municipal schools on the basis of a uniform monthly teaching plan, they said.

”Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s Education department has implemented the period system in its schools,” it said in a statement.

Earlier, a teacher, would use to take multiple subjects in a class, a senior official said.

But, as per the ”new system”, one teacher, say of Maths, would only take Maths classes, in a staggered timing, across different classes, and not all subjects, he said, adding the order for the same has been issued on Friday.

Now, in case of transfer of students, from one municipal school to another, there will be no disturbance of any kind in a student’s study, the MCD said.

Along with this, separate classes will be organised for ”weak students” by identifying them so that that learning level will be improved, the statement said.

As per the new system, teachers will also be free to add activities on their own, to improve the teaching-learning process. Also, Wednesdays have been earmarked for organising co-curricular activities in schools, it added.

For smooth implementation of the entire programme, mentor teachers have been appointed, who will ensure it is implemented in the schools.

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