By | 07 Mar 2023 at 2:47 AM
Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders Involved in Car Crash

Pete Davidson was accompanied by his fiancée on both occasions when he transitioned from relaxing on a beach to getting into an accident on the streets of Los Angeles, as reported by TMZ.

According to law enforcement authorities, an automobile collision involving Pete and Chase Sui-Wonders occurred Saturday night at about 11 PM. According to our reports, he was driving a Mercedes at high speeds in the Flats neighbourhood of Beverly Hills.

He reportedly lost control of the vehicle for an unknown reason, causing it to jump a curb, destroy a fire hydrant, and slam into the side of a neighbouring house, leaving skid marks in the grass and dragging over the lawn.

It appears that Pete did not enter the property, but TMZ’s photographs of the crash site indicate that he did cause damage. Thankfully, no one was injured outside or inside the house. However, the police responded when contacted.

According to the preliminary assessment, neither alcohol nor drugs were involved in this incident, although the investigation is still ongoing. No immediate arrests were made, and neither Pete nor Chase were issued citations, at least not at this time, according to our sources.

It is unknown what kind of relationship the two celebrities may have had with the homeowners, but it is safe to assume that insurance will be involved. No representative from their organisation has responded to our requests for additional comment.

Given that they had just been seen enjoying the beach together in Hawaii the day before, on Saturday, it is rather remarkable that Pete and Chase were back in Los Angeles in such a short period. They also didn’t appear to be in a hurry to return.

They must have fled quickly after being photographed by the paparazzi because it takes over five hours to fly from the islands to Los Angeles. They were eager to leave as soon as they touched down. Pete even spoke at the Kids’ Choice Awards last night!