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Pete Davidson Dating: Who Is His Girlfriend?

here are numerous allegations on the internet that Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are dating.

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Pete Davidson Dating: The rumoured relationship between Pete Davidson and rapper Ice Spice sparked social media hysteria. There are numerous allegations on the internet that Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are dating. On Twitter, fans have been investigating the source of a rumour that the comedian is dating one of the “it” ladies of the rap world.

Given Pete’s history of high-profile relationships (with Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Phoebe Dynevor, and, most recently, Emily Ratajkowski and Chase Sui Wonders), it’s reasonable to presume that some fans are not surprised by the current relationship.

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Is Ice Spice dating Pete Davidson? This is what we can currently say about the rumours…

Is Ice Spice dating Pete Davidson?

Speculation that Pete had romantic feelings for the ‘Munch’ rapper likely originated on Twitter, where numerous tweets about their rumoured relationship went viral.

As one Twitter user put it, living in a parallel universe where Pete Davidson rejected Ice Spice. Pete Davidson is dating Ice Spice, according to rumours circulating around the city. “Life isn’t fair,” added another.

A third voice then asked, “Is Pete Davidson courting ice spice? No longer will employment be available on the streets. According to TMZ, however, the rumours are false and the result of a “online joke” gone awry. Pete and the star of “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” have not responded to the allegations brought against them.

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In 2023, who is Pete Davidson’s girlfriend?

Reportedly, Pete and his Body, Body, Body co-star Chase Sui Wonders have been dating since December. There have been numerous reports of the couple kissing and displaying affection during their outings.

Since Pete’s brief relationship with Emily Ratajkowski ended in November, just a few months after his split with Kim Kardashian, rumours have circulated that he has begun courting Chase.

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