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Tatu Baby Relationship Status

Tatu Baby Relationship Status: Tatu Baby is a tattoo artist and reality TV personality whose stage name is Kat Flores. She rose to prominence on the third season of “Ink Masters,” where she finished in second place. Alongside Brittany Zamora and Paige Hyland, she is also recognized as an Instagram model and influencer.

In Miami, she operates her own tattoo parlor called “Till the End Gallery.” Her appearance in the American reality television series ‘Cartel Crew’ alongside Stephanie Acevedo and Michael Blanco has recently been highlighted. The program depicted the daily lives of individuals with connections to the drug cartels that surround Miami, Florida. Continue reading to learn more about her professional and private life.

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Tatu Baby Boyfriend: Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Tatu Baby Relationship Status: Tatu Baby is unmarried, but it is unknown whether she has had any romantic relationships. She was previously involved with Eddie Soto, who was serving time in federal prison. 2014 marked the birth of Deniro Roman Soto, their firstborn. However, their relationship did not work out, and they eventually broke up.

As she has undoubtedly done in the past, she may be concealing her relationship from the media. The reality TV actress is mostly seen spending time with her young son Deniro and savoring his birthdays. Katherine is also a highly sought-after tattoo artist, and her Miami tattoo studio, Till The End Tattoos, keeps her extremely occupied.

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Tatu Baby was reportedly linked to Ceasar Emmanuel, the protagonist of the tattoo reality show ‘Black Ink Crew,’ who claimed to have dated her in 2017. She denied any relationship between them, asserting they were merely friends. Katherine does not currently appear to have any public romantic interests.

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The Relationship Between Tatu Baby’s Ex-Boyfriend and Their Children

Tatu Baby, also known as Katherine “Kat” Flores, dated Eddie Soto, with whom she had her son Deniro Roman Soto. Eddie was convicted of narcotic charges and sentenced to five years in federal prison when Deniro, who was born on May 23, 2014, was reportedly only one year old.

He is believed to have connections to the Miami drug organization. Katherine has also claimed that he was unfaithful to her during her pregnancy, and that their relationship subsequently ended. During prison visits, Eddie continued to see his son Deniro. After Eddie’s 2019 release, he reconciled with the Miami tattoo celebrity.

The reconciliation occurred in part because, according to Katherine, Eddie emerged from incarceration looking like “a whole snack.” Eddie had a great deal of parental experience to catch up on, but they decided to raise Deniro together.

Their differences, however, persisted. Katherine announced a few months later that she had ended her relationship with Eddie after realizing that it had no future. Eddie has been conspicuously absent from Katherine’s subsequent media appearances and posts. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that she has ended her relationship with the father of her child permanently.