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Terry Bisogno Cause of Death: What Happened to Him?

Bisogno had declared more than one thousand such local races and had received recognition on a national level for his efforts

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Terry Bisogno Cause of Death: Terry Bisogno, who was known as “The Voice of Long Island Running and Racing” for his work with the Long Island Marathon, passed away on August 5 after a long battle with cancer. His age was 68.

Bisogno had declared more than one thousand such local races and had received recognition on a national level for his efforts. Bisogno was known for conducting as much research on the participants in the races as was humanly possible before reporting the results.

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Bisogno passed away from colon cancer after a protracted battle, which sparked a GoFundMe campaign to aid with the financial burden of his medical care. The campaign, which started in January, had a goal of $60,000, and it was able to raise $84,671.

Rich Sallustro, the organiser of the campaign, penned in an email that “Terry Bisogno is a pillar in the world of racing and endurance sports as well as the Long Island Community at large.”

Terry Bisogno Cause of Death

“It is common knowledge that Terry will spend countless hours of his own time conducting independent research and memorization of obscure information and statistics pertaining to each athlete in order to heighten the experience of successfully crossing the finish line. There are endless anecdotes about how Terry has made somebody feel so special by giving them a one-of-a-kind shoutout or compliment at the finish line; this is our opportunity to show him how special he is to us.

As soon as the campaign was made public, backers were quick to contribute positive comments and cherished memories of Bisogno. One of the contributors to the campaign, Mike Baard, had this to say: “This man is the best thing that ever happened to Long Island road racing.” “A genuine professional who cares deeply and is extremely informed. Absolutely adore this gentleman.

A Facebook group has also been created in support of Bisogno, in addition to the GoFundMe campaign that is currently running. After hearing the news of his passing, individuals were quick to offer their condolences to his family and friends.

Marianne Beatty Zacharia mentioned on the Facebook group that she had “always felt that Terry was a special friend of mine.” “I always felt that Terry was a special friend of mine,”

During the month of July, hundreds of walkers and runners traversed North Massapequa, including Bisogno’s neighbourhood. Terry Bisogno’s sister, Bonnie Bisogno-Salsone, will go on after her brother’s passing. On August 12, a memorial service for Terry Bisogno will be held at the Christopher T. Jordan Funeral Home in Island Park from five in the afternoon to eight in the evening, beginning with a prayer service at six in the evening.

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