By | 30 Jul 2022 at 3:35 PM

A district-level task force committee has fined two stone crushers in Tauru here for over Rs 36 lakh for irregularities.

The step was taken during an inspection drive in this district on Saturday.

”The team headed by SDM Tauru found irregularities in these crushers in Silkhon village on Friday. While one was fined for around Rs 31 lakhs the other was fined for over 5 lakhs. We have a zero tolerance to illegal mining and concerned activities,” Deputy Commissioner Ajay Kumar said. Constituted on May 24, the committee is headed by Deputy Commissioner and comprises officials from police, forests, Panchayat, mining and excise and taxation department.

After the alleged mowing down of DSP Surender Singh, the police in Haryana carried out an ‘Operation Clean’ in Nuh district seizing 61 vehicles involved in illegal mining, the state government said on Friday. The operation was conducted with the participation of 1,593 police personnel who seized a total of 358 vehicles for various infringements, including illegal mining.

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