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Who Is Kevin Porter Jr Dating

Kevin Porter Jr., a basketball player for the Houston Rockets, is accused of assaulting his fiancée. In a Manhattan, New York, hotel, he was detained on charges of assault.

The incident occurred early on a Monday morning at the Times Square Millenium Hotel. Porter Jr.’s late return from a gathering displeased his girlfriend.

When she refused to let him into their room, he gained access with the aid of hotel security. Afterward, he allegedly physically assaulted his girlfriend.

Who Is Kevin Porter Jr Dating?

Kevin Porter Jr. is dating Kysre Gondrezick, a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) athlete.

Gondrezick, a gifted basketball athlete, was selected fourth overall in the 2021 WNBA Draft. She began her career with the Indiana Fever before joining the Chicago Sky for a short time.

Despite the uncertainties in their respective careers, Kevin Porter Jr. and Kysre Gondrezick have found love and support in each other’s company, establishing a dynamic sports couple.

The Career of Kevin Porter Jr.: Highpoints and Lowpoints

Kevin Porter Jr. has experienced a number of off-court issues in the past. The Cleveland Cavaliers eventually transferred him to the Houston Rockets after he initially struggled in the NBA and encountered legal issues.

After performing well in the G League, he was given a second shot with the Rockets. He had some missteps, such as violating the league’s health and safety protocols, but he also had a 50-point, 10-assist performance.

Porter Jr. faced a one-game suspension in January 2023 for an incident involving a dispute with an assistant coach.

Despite these ups and downs, he had a relatively stable season in 2022-23 until he was recently charged with assaulting his fiancée, bringing yet another off-court controversy into his career.