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KBC 14: In which edition of the Olympic Games did the Indian men’s field hockey team have two joint captains?


1980 Moscow

1952 Helsinki

1972 Munich

1968 Mexico City

Answer: 1968 Mexico City

Gurbux Singh and Prithipal Singh, India’s joint captains at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, guided their team to a bronze medal. The only guy to represent India in field hockey at two Olympics was Pargat Singh.

Full list of Indian hockey captains at Olympics

Captain Year Venue Result
Jaipal Singh Munda 1928 Amsterdam Gold
Syed Lal Shah Bokhari 1932 Los Angeles Gold
Dhyan Chand 1936 Berlin Gold
Kishan Lal 1948 London Gold
KD Singh ‘Babu’ 1952 Helsinki Gold
Balbir Singh Sr. 1956 Melbourne Gold
Leslie Claudius 1960 Rome Silver
Charanjit Singh 1964 Tokyo Gold
Gurbux Singh / Prithipal Singh 1968 Mexico City Bronze
Harmik Singh 1972 Munich Bronze
Ajit Pal Singh 1976 Monteral 7th
Vasudevan Baskaran 1980 Moscow Gold
Zafar Iqbal 1984 Los Angeles 5th
MM Somaya 1988 Seoul 6th
Pargat Singh 1992 Barcelona 7th
Pargat Singh 1996 Atalanta 8th
Ramandeep Singh Grewal 2000 Sydney 7th
Dilip Tirkey 2004 Athens 7th
Bharat Chettri 2012 London 12th
PR Sreejsh 2016 Rio 8th
Manpreet Singh 2020 Tokyo Bronze
Name Year Venue Result
Rupa Saini 1980 Moscow 4th
Sushila Chanu 2016 Rio 12th
Rani Rampal 2020 Tokyo 4th


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