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KBC 14: The last known living members of which animal species in India are believed to have been shot by the 'Maharaja of Koriya' in 1947?

KBC 14: Kautilya’s words ‘Kosh Moolo Dandah’ can be found on the logo of which organisation?


Enforcement Directorate

Income Tax Department

Research and Analysis Wing

Central Bureau of Investigation

Answer: Income Tax Department

Kosha Moolo Danda, which means “revenue is the backbone of administration/economy”, which is sourced from Kautilya’s Arthashastra. This implies that a nation’s status relies upon its fiscal power. It is expressed through this slogan.

These words are part of the original Sanskrit phrase कोश-मूलो हि दण्डः as in Kautiliyan Arthshastra Part 8 of Chapter 1, Sentence or verse number 47 (।। ०८.१.४७ ।।). This part of Arthshastra deals with the topic “Concerning Vices and Calamities”.