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KBC 14: The last known living members of which animal species in India are believed to have been shot by the 'Maharaja of Koriya' in 1947?

KBC 14: The Bhitari pillar in Ghazipur, UP, is an important source in determining the genealogy of the kings of which empire?






Answer: Gupta

The Bhitari pillar inscription of Skandagupta, was discovered in Bhitari, Saidpur, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, and dates to the reign of Gupta Empire ruler Skandagupta (c. 455 – c. 467 CE).

The name Bhitari is popularly derived from Bhimutri. The Bhitari is archaeologically very important. It is a place of Great antiquity & contains many remains of great archaeological value. It is probable that Bhitari was at one time in hands of Buddhist but it is probably attained its chief importance during Gupta Era.