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Aaron Rodgers Jets Debut Was Shattered By Ankle Injury

Aaron Rodgers Contract Status:The New York Jets have received undesirable information. Tuesday morning, Tom Pelissero reported that quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a complete rupture of his left Achilles tendon. He can recuperate from the injury, but his 2023 season is over and he will be placed on injured reserve for the remainder of the year.

Late in April, the Jets acquired Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers via trade. With the trade, they inherited a contract that included $59.465 million guaranteed in salary and bonus for the 2023 season.

Aaron Rodgers Jets Debut Was Shattered By Ankle Injury

Aaron Rodgers Contract Status

Aaron Rodgers Jets Debut

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The agreement included a $58.3 million bonus, due no later than the first week of the 2023 season.

According to Over The Cap, Rodgers restructured his contract with the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets have revised his three-year, $112.5 million contract. The contract’s $75 million value is entirely guaranteed. Rodgers will receive a $35 million bonus in 2023, and his base salaries for 2023 and 2024 are entirely guaranteed. In 2024, there is also a $35 million option incentive that is guaranteed. In 2025, an additional $35 million option bonus is exercisable. The final years of the contract are void years for purposes of the salary limit.

Rodgers is owed a base salary of $1,838,888 for the 2023 season and $3,161,112 for the 2024 season. With the guaranteed $35 million option bonus, he is effectively under contract with the Jets until 2024, barring a significant restructure. They could release him after June 1 to avoid a significant salary limit hit in 2024, but they would have to carry $49 million in dead money against their 2025 salary cap. If they did that, they would still retain $17.1 million in dead money in 2024.

Prior to the injury, the Jets had approximately $9.8 million in cap space. They are projected to have $23.2 million in available capital in 2024.