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Highlights of AEW All Out 2023: Results, notable moments

The AEW All Out 2023 was broadcast live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

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Highlights of AEW All Out 2023: At AEW All Out 2023, All Elite Wrestling presented an action-packed show that left the audience ecstatic, signifying yet another outstanding event for the company. This tournament had everything, from breathtaking debuts to intense rivalries. Let’s examine the results, significant moments, and key lessons of AEW All Out 2023.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The AEW All Out 2023 was broadcast live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

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You know what that means: it’s Sunday!

The show’s Zero Hour segment has begun! Excalibur, Kevin Kelly, and Nigel McGuinness were your Zero Hour announcers.

AEW All Out 2023
AEW All Out 2023


The Charity Battle Royale on a Shoestring Budget!

The winner receives $50,000 to donate to a charity of their choice!

Tony Nese started the match with pushups. He was promptly dispatched. Menard, Hager, Garcia, and Parker stormed Serpentico. He was promptly thrown out. Shawn Spears was knocked out by stereo thrust kicks at Aussie Open.

Komander was powerbombed by Brian Cage, and then thrown over the top by the Mogul Embassy. Cage clocked Dalton Castle with a discus lariat, sending Castle to the floor after the Boys eliminated Angelo Parker. Action Andretti was thrown over the top rope by Garcia. Best Friends delivered a double chokeslam to Brian Cage. With a clothesline, “Hangman” Adam Page knocked Bishop Kaun to the ground. Jake Hager was thrown out by Scorpio Sky.

Trent and Page collaborated to destroy Mark Davis. Garcia was thrown over the top by Sky. The Mogul Embassy collaborated to eliminate Scorpio Sky. Andretti was knocked out with a leg lariat by Fletcher. Trent dropped Kyle Fletcher to the arena floor with a half and half suplex on the apron. Trent was thrown out by Cage. Toa, Cage, and Page were the last three contestants.

Page scored a Buckshot Lariat against Toa before sending him over the top. Cage smacked Page in the neck with a neck breaker. Cage and Page squared off on the ring apron. Adam Page won the bout by hitting Brian Cage with the Deadeye!

The Trios Match!

Athena, Diamante, and Mercedes Martinez are ROH Women’s World Champions vs. Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue, and Hikaru Shida!

Skye Blue sprang from the top turnbuckle and landed on the opponent. Diamante tagged out to Mercedes after hitting a neckbreaker on Skye Blue. On Blue, Diamante and Mercedes used tandem offense.

Blue was unable to complete the tag because Athena grabbed her. Skye Blue was powerbombed for a two-count by Athena. Willow snatched a tag and clobbered Athena in the corner with a lariat and splash. Shida’s Falcon Arrow was eaten by Diamante. Skye was tossed by Martinez with a Spider-German Suplex. Willow was smashed with the O-Face by Athena. Shida, unimpressed, stormed into the ring and shoved Athena. Shida and Athena exchanged blows. Shida struck Athena and knocked her out. Outside the ring, Willow jumped on Athena! Skye Blue used the Code Blue to pin Diamante!

Match for the AEW World Trios Championship!

Anthony Bowens, Max Caster, and Daddy Ass (with Dennis Rodman)—The Acclaimed (c.) vs. Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal, and Jeff Jarrett (together with Sonjay Dutt and Karen Jarrett)!

Daddy Ass said that he had his own referee and summoned Aubrey Edwards to the ring. Jeff Jarrett got the Scissor Me Timbers from Bowens. Lethal tagged in and stomped a mudhole in the corner of Caster.

Bowens landed a series of thrust kicks on Lethal. Billy Gunn came in and cleaned the house until he was met with a huge boot by Satnam Singh! Dennis Rodman slammed Jeff Jarrett’s guitar over Satnam’s head as Aubrey was ejecting Karen from the ring! Bowens pinned Lethal using the Mic Drop!

The pay-per-view section of All Out began with…

Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship!

BayBay Better Than You—AEW World Champion MJF & Adam Cole (c.)
vs Alex Reynolds and John Silver (together with Evil Uno) form the Dark Order!

“Double Clothesline!” chanted the fans. “Two Clotheslines!”

Silver was yanked out of the ring by Reynolds before Cole and MJF could deliver the double clothesline. MJF and Reynolds exchanged handshakes before MJF thumbed him in the eyes. MJF’s neck was injured, and the Dark Order caught him off guard when Reynolds whacked him with a chair at the base of his neck. Ref Paul Turner didn’t notice. On the arena floor, Doc Sampson examined MJF.

“It appears they’ve taken MJF out of the equation,” Excalibur observed.

Dark Order had complete control of Adam Cole and used their tandem offense on him. Cole attempted the Panama Sunrise on Silver, but Silver resisted. Silver lit up Cole with devastating kicks before finishing with a fisherman’s buster for a near fall.

Dark Order delivered a double clothesline to Cole. While Evil Uno distracted the ref, Silver seized one of the tag championships. It didn’t matter because Cole used superkicks as a last-ditch effort.

MJF returned to the ring, his neck clenched. He overcame adversity to help his best friend, Adam Cole. MJF chomped on Reynolds’ brow. Dark Order was smashed by MJF’s kangaroo kick! Cole scored the pin after Better Than You BayBay executed a double clothesline on Reynolds!

Match for the ROH World Television Championship!
Shane Taylor vs. Samoa Joe (c.)

Samoa Joe shoved MJF (who was still making his way to the back after his match) as he made his entrance! MJF dashed back to the arena and began fighting Samoa Joe! Joe held MJF in a guillotine hold until AEW security intervened!

After some hard shots, Shane Taylor knocked Samoa Joe out. Joe drew Shane from the ring and began chopping away at him. They fought at ringside. Shane Taylor returned to the arena and splashed Samoa Joe for a near fall.

Samoa Joe suicidally cracked Taylor’s elbow. Joe used a Manhattan Drop followed by a running senton. Joe jabbed at Shane Taylor, who responded with a short arm clothesline.

“This isn’t boxing, but it has a big fight feel,” Kevin Kelly explained.

Shane Taylor wore a dangling stunner to Samoa Joe! Taylor dropped Samoa Joe off the middle rope for a near fall. Taylor collapsed after Samoa Joe’s lariat! Taylor responded with body shots. Samoa Joe dominated Taylor with knee strikes before locking on the submission and forcing Taylor to tap!

TNT Championship Game!

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. vs. Nick Wayne and Darby Allin!

For this match, Jim Ross entered the broadcast booth.

Darby charged Luchasaurus, swarming him. Darby was thrown into the steel guardrail by Luchasaurus. The champ swung Darby against the metal ring steps. Darby ruptured. Christian Cage made Luchasaurus maim Darby.

Luchasaurus climbed up the steps on Darby’s back, placing all his weight on him. Nick Wayne removed Darby’s steps, but the harm was done. Luchasaurus smashed Darby with an overhand chop in the ring. The Luchasaurus chin-butted Darby.

“Damn. Getting ugly. Jim Ross claimed it’s uncomfortable.

Darby somehow managed to flip over the top turnbuckle onto Luchasaurus on the arena floor! Darby hit a crucifix bomb to nearly fall back in the ring! The supporters backed Darby. Darby was suplexed by Luchasaurus!

Christian Cage wanted Nick Wayne to quit. Darby shot Christian out of the ring with a tope! Darby nearly fell on Luchasaurus with an avalanche Code Red! Nick Wayne was chaired by Christian Cage. Darby was distracted by it. Luchasaurus capitalized by hitting Darby with two tombstones and a lariat to the back of the head, pinning him!

“Wow! Great win for Luchasaurus, remarked Jim Ross.

Christian Cage entered the ring, setting up Darby for a chair throw. Nick Wayne was held back by Luchasaurus. Christian Cage was stopped by the locker room running down.

“Darby Allin dodged a hell of a bullet,” observed Jim Ross.

“My heart was in my throat,” Excalibur said.

“This looks like a crime scene,” Nigel added.

“The Redeemer” Miro vs. Hobbs!

Horns were locked out of the gate! Both men refuse to retreat. Miro pushed Hobbs to the mat and shredded his shirt. Hobbs fell in the corner. A shoulder block from Hobbs steamrolled Miro.

“Two big meaty men slapping meat and this match has lived up to those expectations,” commented Excalibur.

A leg lariat from Miro hit Hobbs quickly.

Hobbs threw Miro with a belly-to-belly suplex, launching the Redeemer.

Fans chanted “Slap that meat!” Slap that meat!”

Miro and Hobbs fisted in the ring middle. Miro knocked Hobbs out with lariats. Hobbs was confused by Miro! Powerhouse Hobbs evaded a kick and powerslammed Miro!

A thrust kick from Miro knocked Hobbs out for two. Miro trampled Hobbs’ back. Miro submitted Game Over. Hobbs fled, standing and cornering Miro. Hobbs’ spinebuster nearly knocked Miro down! Miro responded with a spinebuster! Hobbs tapped out after Miro locked in Game Over again!

Jim Ross: “Hobbs ran out of options.

One of the best big man matches ever. Nigel said, “The fans are standing ovation.”

Miro and Hobbs shook hands after the game. Hobbs surprised the Redeemer as Miro left. Hobbs beat Miro on the ground.

Miro’s wife raced to the ring and dropped Hobbs with a steel chair! While Hobbs was preoccupied, Miro smashed the chair into his head! Miro left his wife without embracing her.

Championship TBS Match!

Kris Statlander (c.) vs. Ruby Soho (AEW Women’s World Champion Saraya)!

Kris’ running knee hit Ruby. Kris drove Ruby into the barrier. Ruby returned, smashing Statlander’s skull into the rails. Saraya blasted Kris behind the ref.

Kris’ backbreaker hit Ruby. Blue Thunder Bombs followed for a near fall. Kris hit Ruby with an avalanche powerslam, nearly falling! Ruby got Kris with a poison rana, DDT, and low hurracanrana for a two-count! Ruby hit Kris with No Future Kick and Destination Unknown, nearly falling.

Saraya distracted the ref while Ruby got spray paint. Toni Storm crawled out of the ring with the can! Statlander pinned Ruby Soho with Sunday Night Fever!

No Disqualification Strap Match!

The American Dragon Bryan Danielson vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks!

This match featured Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in the booth.

Danielson was attacked by Starks before the match. Starks crushed Danielson with his weight belt! Bryan Danielson was busted open by Starks’ belt buckle to the skull!

Starks stamped on Danielson’s head, sandwiching it between steel ring steps. Starks choked Danielson with the strap. The strap whipped Starks Danielson.

“This is my house!” Ricky Starks exclaimed.

Danielson headbutted Starks and kicked roundly. Starks shot Bryan in the head with the strap! Danielson fought back and repeatedly whipped Starks! Danielson dropped Starks with a sliding dropkick. Bryan was about to go, when Starks caught him with the strap. Danielson dragged Starks headlong into the steel ring post by pulling on the strap slack!

Danielson charged Starks, but Starks lariat-ed Bryan! The strap nailed Bryan and Ricky. Big Bill jumped on the ring apron! Big Bill was lowered by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat! Danielson jumped from turnbuckles and killed Starks and Big Bill!

Back in the ring, Starks nearly fell Danielson with a spear. Danielson was beaten by Starks. Danielson rose and sent Starks flying with a knee blow!

“This is awesome!” supporters chanted. This is great!”

Danielson trampled Starks. Danielson used the Le Bell Lock! Danielson put the strap around Starks’ throat, pulled back, and he lost consciousness!

“Bryan Danielson returns from injury and defeats Ricky Starks,” stated Excalibur.

Starks’ defeat statement. Nigel said, “He refused to quit no matter what Bryan Danielson did.”

NJPW Strong Open Weight Champion Eddie Kingston ROH Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata .vs. Blackpool Combat Club—ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta!

Taz joined the match commentary crew.

Kawada-style kicks from Shibata broke Yuta. Claudio joined and attacked Shibata with a European uppercut. Claudio avoided Shibata’s PK.

Claudio tagged out to Wheeler Yuta and Eddie Kingston in. Kingston charged out of the ring at Claudio, exchanging shots. Yuta’s tope surprised Eddie. Eddie butterfly suplexed Wheeler in the ring.

Kingston’s chest was pounded by Claudio. Eddie defeated Yuta with a STO leg sweep. Shibata tagged Claudio and smashed him in the corner with elbows. Shibata raced across the ring and cornerdropkicked Claudio. A powerbomb saved Claudio from an arm bar. Claudio and Wheeler nearly fell Shibata with the fastball special.

A spinning backfist from Shibata knocked Yuta off his feet. Yuta was inverted leg locked and Claudio ankle locked by Shibata. Yuta was DDT’d by Eddie. Kingston cornered Yuta with a lariat. Kingston’s exploder suplex hit Yuta. Kingston’s blindside was kicked in the head by Claudio.

Shibata pump kicked Yuta and Eddie side suplexed him. Claudio entered the ring and uppercut Shibata. Claudio whipsawed Shibata into the railing. Yuta German nearly fell Kingston with a suplex.

Kingston was defeated by Claudio’s short arm lariat. Claudio nearly fell Kingston with hammer and anvil attacks and the Neutralizer! Eddie had a spinning backfist knock Claudio out. Kingston hit Claudio with a Northern Lights Bomb, but Yuta stopped the pin. Claudio’s European Uppercut pinned Kingston, who was astonished.

“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takeshita!

Dropkick from Takeshita on Omega. Takeshita replied with a high-angle back drop driver! Omega moonsailed onto Takeshita from the barricade outside the ring.

Omega face-dunks after springboard dropkicks at Takeshita. Omega locked Takeshita with an Indian Death Lock.

Takeshita brainbusted Omega on the floor outside the ring! Takeshita distracted ref Paul Turner while Don Callis heaped chairs on Omega’s injured stomach. Sendon from Takeshita drenched Kenny. Blue Thunder Bombs from Takeshita eliminated Omega in the ring.

Shivering his forearm, Takeshita dropped Omega. Omega kneeled to stop Takeshita’s senton. Omega pound Takeshita with Polish hammers. Omega moved and sent Takeshita flying out of the ring after a jumping knee. Omega flew with Terminator Dive!

Omega’s rocket dropkick blasted Takeshita! Omega’s snap dragon suplex followed. Omega sent Takeshita’s neck back with a second snap dragon suplex. Omega nearly fell Takeshita with a reversal hurracanrana.

Omega scored on the second V Trigger after Takeshita evaded. Lariat to Omega, Takeshita threw for the fences. Kenny kneed Takeshita after powerbombing him! Bang! Omega hooked up to V-Trigger! Takeshita defeated One Winged Angel! Takeshita nearly fell with a deadweight German Suplex on Omega.

Omega lifted Takeshita and climbed the turnbuckles. Omega sought an avalanche One Winged Angel, but Takeshita escaped. Takeshita caused Omega to nearly fall with an avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb!

“Man, I dunno. Taz stated this Kenny Omega is exceptional.

Takeshita scored with a powerdrive knee. Callis tried to spike Omega with a screwdriver while Takeshita distracted the ref. Omega avoided it. Omega’s V Trigger hit Takeshita. Omega carried Takeshita for the One Winged Angel. Takeshita had the screwdriver, but ref Paul Turner grabbed it. Kenny Omega was pinned when Takeshita removed his knee pad and knee struck Omega!

“We just found out what Kenny Omega’s limit is,” Nigel added.

Eight-Man Tag!

World Tag Team Champions FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood & The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson vs. Austin & Colten Gunn, Jay White, & Juice Robinson—Bullet Club Gold!

Colten and Cash chain fought. Austin’s blind tag tripped Cash Wheeler. Cash took Austin soaring with a hurracanrana. Matt Jackson tagged himself. Bucks tandem offense on Austin. Dax Harwood self-tagged.

Jay White and Dax locked up. Jay White chopped Dax. Juice Robinson and Jay White beat Dax in their corner. Cash Wheeler tagged Jay White and FTR doubled him.

Juice hit Cash Wheeler. Juice stung Cash’s eyes. All eight men brawled in the ring! Quadruple atomic drops and sharpshooters for FTR and the Bucks!

Dax avoided Juice Robinson’s cannonball. Matt Jackson superkick-smoked Juice. Bucks performed a classic combination on Jay White.

“Superkick party in Chicago,” Nigel said.

The crowd chanted “Young Bucks!” Young Bucks!

Matt and Cash gave superkicks. Dax and Matt spiked Austin with a piledriver. Dax superplexed Austin and Cash, Matt, and Nick high-risk moves off the top turnbuckles. Double clotheslines rattled Dax and Austin.

The fans chanted “A-E-W!” A-E-W!”

Jay and Dax chop-shopped. Short arm lariats hit Jay hard from Dax. A Juice saved Jay from the Shatter Machine. Dax and Nick hit Shatter Machine! Matt and Dax took Jay and hit him with the BTE Trigger! The pin attempt was stopped by Colten. Austin pinned Cash after Jay White nailed the Blade Runner!

The Main Event!

AEW International Title Match!

“Freshley Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley!

Cassidy played mind tricks, ignoring challenger Jon Moxley. Orange put his hands in his pockets and Mox decked him! Moxley pursued Cassidy, denying him breath. Moxley bit Orange Cassidy’s head.

Cassidy returned with a shotgun dropkick. Orange instantly grabbed Mox’s neck after suplexing him. Second suplex by Moxley sent Cassidy flying. Mox rolled through Orange’s diving crossbody press and stomped on his skull.

Orange threw a suicide elbow at Mox. Moxley defeated DDT by turning Orange inside out. Moxley again booted Orange’s head. Cassidy was thrown into the steel ring post by Moxley. Cassidy was sliced. Moxley bit Orange’s forehead.

“Orange Cassidy is gushing,” Nigel said.

“There is a pool of blood at our feet,” Excalibur said.

Orange nearly fell when Moxley spiked a stalled piledriver. Orange was clubbed by Moxley. Orange had his nails in Moxley’s back and hit his skull! Orange’s diving DDT and second DDT broke Mox!

The PK from Cassidy rocked Mox. Orange Punch followed for a near collapse! Mox countered Beach Break with Gotch-style piledriver! The bulldog choke held Mox. An arm bar followed Mox. Mox put Orange in Le Bell Lock. Orange reached the ropes with his foot to break the ref break as Moxley entered the bulldog choke.

Moxley removed the floor padding to reveal the concrete. Orange blocked a piledriver by Moxley with a Beach Break on the floor! Orange dropped Moxley’s head on the stairs!

Orange defeated Moxley with two straight punches! Orange went for a third, but Moxley sliced! Orange hit another Orange Punch and speared Moxley, nearly falling! Moxley nearly beheaded Orange with two King Kong lariats! Moxley nearly fell after hitting Orange with the Death Rider!

Orange turned Moxley off. Jon Moxley pinned Cassidy with a high-angle Death Rider after grabbing Orange!

The new AEW International Champion…Jon Moxley!

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