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Fake Super Bowl Tickets: Beware of Scammers Selling Tickets Created Using AI!

Cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to create fake Super Bowl tickets, with some enthusiasts willing to spend thousands on authentic tickets.

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Fake Super Bowl Tickets: Cybercriminals who are technologically adept have even turned to artificial intelligence to create more convincing fakes, security experts warn. Certain enthusiasts are prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on authentic tickets.

Extremely high demand for Sunday’s football matchup, however, has ignited a perilous surge of scams. Nisos, a security company, has disclosed certain strategies employed by cyber-expert Kurt Knutsson to deceive individuals into purchasing counterfeit tickets.

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In the first place, criminals have begun utilizing image-editing software to create incredibly plausible counterfeit tickets. This includes forged barcodes and fraudulent receipt documents, among others.

Nisos states that they distribute these vouchers via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Nisos further cautions that criminals are employing AI to generate exceptionally convincing postings, in addition to responding to potential victims who inquire about the tickets via message.

These posts will then contain links to additional platforms, such as Telegram or WhatsApp, in order to complete the fraudulent transaction. Utilizing this app-switching method, the criminals are able to avoid detection.

Frequently, to impede traceability, they will request payment from victims via an unusual method. Scammers are also providing substantial discounts, making the offer nearly impossible to refuse.

The use of compromised accounts by criminals is another strategy. Comprising an extensive array of photographs, numerous postings, and an extensive social media following, these compromised profiles may resemble those of ordinary individuals.

However, cybercriminals could be using a compromised profile to bolster the appearance of legitimacy for the fraud.

Fake Super Bowl Tickets: Strategies to Prevent Super Bowl Ticket Scams

It is exceedingly challenging to ensure that you will not fall victim to fraud when purchasing any product online, much less in-demand items such as Super Bowl tickets.

When being sold tickets, exercise extreme caution if a salesperson employs high-pressure techniques.

Nisos warns that they might attempt to pressure you into a purchase immediately. Or they may manipulate you through the use of emotional appeals.

Additionally, be wary of fraudulent proof-of-purchase documents like receipts; they are easy to forget. Con artists frequently employ the phrase “Name your price” that you should be wary of.

This is an attempt to entice you with an extremely low-priced sale; however, you should not disregard caution. The offer is likely to be too good to be true if it appears to be.

You should ensure that you examine the account’s history for any suspicious activity. Does the account appear to be brand new and sell only in-demand tickets? Is it an established account that formerly published regular content but appears to have undergone a significant transformation?

Malicious actors may have compromised even your “friends” on Facebook or Instagram for their purposes. We highly recommend avoiding social media platforms when trying to purchase Super Bowl tickets.

Rather, purchase tickets exclusively from reputable websites that offer refund policies and can be held liable in the event of any complications. You mustn’t lose a head-to-head match between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, regardless of the outcome.

Muskan Manocha
Muskan Manocha
Muskan Manocha is pursuing graduation from University of Delhi.

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