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How to Make a Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer

Walmart-to-Walmart Powered by Ria is a simple and inexpensive method to send money to family and friends for pick-up at a local store

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How to Make a Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer: You may already be aware that Walmart provides affordable food, clothing, and household products. But did you know that Walmart also offers a money transfer service that allows you to transmit money to anyone in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Mexico?

Find out how Walmart-toWalmart Money Transfers work, what you’ll need to send or receive money, and how much it costs to do so by reading the rest of this article.

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What Is the Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer Service?

Walmart-toWalmart Walmart offers the Powered by Ria person-to-person payment transfer service. Send money to anyone in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Mexico, and they can retrieve it at a local Walmart or Bodega Aurrera.

How Does Money Transfer from Walmart-toWalmart Work?

A Walmart-to-Walmart money transfer can replace digital P2P payment services such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle in order to transfer money instantly across the United States and even internationally for low fees.

Instead of receiving a digital payment, your acquaintance or relative can pick up the cash you sent at any of the 4,500 Walmart locations in the United States and Puerto Rico or 2,500 Bodega Aurrera or Walmart locations in the United States and Mexico.

You have the option of paying with cash or a debit card. Within 10 minutes, the money will be delivered to your friend at the Walmart or Bodega Aurrera location of their choosing.

Transferring Money at a Walmart Location The use of Walmart-toWalmart

At any Walmart, you can transfer funds at the Money Services Center or the customer service desk. Inform the store associate that you wish to send money using Walmart2Walmart.

A photo ID is required, such as a driver’s license, non-driver state ID card, passport, military ID, tribal ID, or U.S. permanent residence card. Additionally, you will require the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.

How to Transfer Money Using Walmart2Walmart

Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria also includes a mobile application. To transmit money via the application, please follow these steps:

  • Create an account and then sign in. If you already have a Ria account, you do not need to create a separate Walmart2Walmart account.
  • Determine the recipient. To save time on recurring remittances, you can save recipients to your account.
  • Enter the method of reimbursement. Depending on the location, options include cash pickup, mobile wallet, bank deposit, and even residential delivery.
  • Enter the amount being transferred and approve the transaction. The application will display any additional fees prior to confirmation.
  • Pay the transfer fee. You can use a saved payment method or input new bank account or credit card information.

How to use Walmart Pay: A Complete Guide

Step-by-Step Explanation of the Walmart Pickup Process

Your Bank Account Verification with Walmart2Walmart Assisted by Ria

If you wish to send money immediately from a bank account, you must first verify your bank account within the app.

To authenticate your bank account, select “Instant Verification” when adding your savings or checking account as a payment method for the first time. Walmart-toWalmart uses Plaid to process payments and securely and privately verify your account. You must sign in to your bank account and respond to any prompts or security questions.

Alternately, you can manually verify your account. To accomplish this, you must wait for two micro-deposits of less than $1 to arrive in your account. Once you see them, open the Walmart2Walmart email you received and select “Verify Now.” Visit the “Payment Methods” screen in the Walmart2Walmart app and input the amounts of the two microdeposits.

What are the fees charged by Walmart0to-Walmart?

The fee structure for Walmart-to-Walmart money transfers is straightforward and reasonable, though it varies depending on whether you transmit the funds through the app or in-store.

$1 – $500$2.50$2.50
$500.01 – $750$4.00$5
$750.01 – $1,000$5.00$5
$1,000.01 – $1,300$7.50$10

How Do I Collect Walmart2Walmart Money?

To collect money from Walmart2Walmart at any Walmart or Bodega Aurrera location, you must present one of the acceptable forms of identification listed above. If you were given a barcode, you must also provide it. You will receive cash from the Money Services Counter or the customer service desk at Walmart.

If the shipper chose to deliver the funds to your bank account or mobile wallet, you need only wait for the transfer to complete processing.

In what other ways can I send money through Walmart?

If you do not wish to use the Walmart2Walmart service, Powered by Ria, or if you wish to send more than $1,300, your local Walmart offers additional options for sending money to family and friends. You can send a wire transfer via Western Union or money via MoneyGram.

MoneyGram and Western Union are wire transfer services that facilitate domestic and international P2P payment transfers, often within minutes, although some Western Union transfers can take up to five business days.

MoneyGram has a transaction limit of $15,000, while Western Union allows transfers of at least $10,000. Depending on the amount of money being sent, the method of sending it, and the destination country, fees can vary significantly.

Walmart-toWalmart and MoneyGram: Are They the Same?

MoneyGram, formerly known as Travelers Express, differs from Walmart-toWalmart. Although powered by Ria, both services enable you to send or receive money at any Walmart location.

MoneyGram is a financial transfer service with more than 380,000 locations and a headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Walmart-toWalmart Powered by Ria is exclusive to Walmart and Bodega Aurrera stores, as well as the mobile application.


Walmart-toWalmart Powered by Ria is a simple and inexpensive method to send money to family and friends for pick-up at a local store. Although there are restrictions on the quantity of money you can send or receive and the countries Walmart-toWalmart serves, it may be a cheaper alternative to wire transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

The data is accurate as of 1 May 2023, but is subject to change.

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