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WhatsApp Channels Updates: Voice Notes, Multiple Admins, Get Polls, And More Features

WhatsApp channels provide a platform for organizations and celebrities to share updates and views with their followers.

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WhatsApp Channels Updates: Launched globally in September of last year, WhatsApp Channels enable individuals, groups, and organizations to distribute content to their subscribers. Meta owns the instant messaging service, which is well known for consistently adding new features to improve the user experience. WhatsApp channels continue this trend. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, announced a multitude of new WhatsApp Channel features via his WhatsApp channel. Let’s examine each of the recently unveiled WhatsApp Channel features that the organization has declared.

Now supported by WhatsApp channels are voice updates, polls, and multiple administrators.

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Mark Zuckerberg, as the screenshot above illustrates, followed a brief post announcing new WhatsApp Channel features with a poll. Zuckerberg writes in his post, “We’re announcing some new features for WA channels, including voice notes, multiple administrators, and the ability to share status and polls. This is fantastic news, as I require assistance resolving a debate.”

He subsequently published a survey in an attempt to resolve a debate regarding the greatest video game of all time, including Civ, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Zelda, Super Mario, and Goldeneye 007, among others.

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More About WhatsApp Channels Updates

The app stated in a statement that daily voice message transmissions on the platform exceed seven billion. WhatsApp channels are now able to use the enhanced capability, which lets administrators inform subscribers via voice notes. WhatsApp has increased the number of administrators to sixteen.

Channel administrators are now able to solicit the views of their channel subscribers via the most recent poll function, which was previously exclusive to WhatsApp groups. Additionally, channels now include the Share to Status feature. Subsequent can now incorporate the channel updates of their preferred creators or influencers into their WhatsApp status updates. WhatsApp channels are getting new features added to them.

After the release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Meta’s additional platform, Instagram, unveiled novel functionality. Adam Mosseri, the president of Instagram, announced on the IG Updates channel that users of the Galaxy S24 series will have access to the platform’s Super HDR image support. Photographs executed with the Instagram camera will exhibit enhanced resolution in terms of shadows, highlights, and color reproduction.


  1. Zuckerberg announced the imminent addition of new features to WhatsApp channels.
  2. WhatsApp channels provide a platform for organizations and celebrities to share updates and views with their followers.
  3. As an illustration of the WhatsApp Channels poll, Zuckerberg also published a question requesting users to resolve a dispute regarding the greatest game of all time.
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