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When Is iPhone 15 Available in Canada: The iPhone 15 is set to hit the Canadian markets on September 22, 2023. Eager Apple aficionados can begin their pre-orders from September 15, 2023, and for those curious about pricing, the entry-level iPhone 15 starts at a consistent $799, aligning with its predecessors.

The anticipation surrounding Apple products has always been palpable, and the iPhone 15 is no different. With a starting price of $799, it aligns with the pricing trend of the past three models.

iphone 15 canada

iphone 15 canada

Summary of when will iphone 15 be available in canada

Key DetailsInformation
Release DateSeptember 22, 2023
Pre-Order Start DateSeptember 15, 2023
Starting Price$799
Pro Max Price$999
Unique FeaturesAerospace-grade titanium, A16 Bionic chip

iPhone Cost Histories

Since its initial release in 2007, the iPhone’s price has undergone numerous adjustments. Notably, the iPhone 15 maintains the same pricing pattern as the three preceding variants.
Apple doesn’t appear to be planning any significant price increases for their newest product, given its consistent price.

On September 15, 2023, enthusiasts will be able to pre-order the iPhone 15.
Customers can place pre-orders through Apple’s digital domain and authorized retailers, ensuring a seamless process.

On September 22, 2023, Canadians will be able to purchase the iPhone 15.
Apple Stores, Best Buy, and Rogers are among the prominent retailers that will have the device in stock and available for sale.

iPhone 15 Max Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will also be available on the same day for those interested.
It is priced at a premium of $999 and promises its consumers an abundance of features.

iPhone 15 Functions

The iPhone 15’s aerospace-grade titanium construction is not just for looks.
It features a multitude of enhancements, including a brighter, larger display, a powerful A16 Bionic processor, and an advanced camera system that improves image quality.

iPhone 15 Speculation and Leaks

The rumor mill has been abuzz with iPhone 15 rumors for months.
Excitement and intrigue were generated by whispers of a new flat-edge display design, a triple-lens rear camera system, and enhanced front-camera capabilities.

The Apple iPhone 15 Plus with Color-Infused Back Glass

The iPhone 15 Plus introduced at the September Apple event stands out.
Not only does its 6.7-inch display contribute to its unique appeal, but so does its color-infused back glass.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro to reportedly have Titanium frame and thinner bezels

Pre-Ordering the iPhone 15 in Canada

Want to pre-order? Simply visit Apple’s official website or the site of any authorized retailer.
Remember to have your Apple ID and shipping and payment information readily available.

Buying Choices

The iPhone 15 is available for purchase via Apple’s official website and authorized retailers.
Apple offers free shipping as a convenience, and for those who cannot wait, in-store pickup is available.

The iPhone 15 Announcement by Apple

Apple introduced the iPhone 15 at its annual September event.
In addition to a captivating appearance, the model is loaded with remarkable features, demonstrating Apple’s dedication to innovation.