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Howard Stern Biography: Age, Bio, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Howard Stern Biography: Howard Allan Stern, who was born on January 12, 1954, thought he would one day conduct his own radio show. During his college years, he earned his first experience as a radio host at Boston University’s radio station. He is renowned for his radio programme “The Howard Stern Show.” In 1975, after acquiring his first-class radio licence, he began his first professional radio employment at W.N.T.N. Stern has acquired millions of listeners worldwide throughout his years as a radio DJ and continues to delight them to this day.


Jewish parents gave birth to Howard Allan Stern in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, on January 12, 1954. Stern’s father, Ben Stern, was a radio engineer at WHOM radio station and co-owner and operator of Aura Recording Inc., a company that produced commercials and cartoons. Stern is the most popular radio and television personality, comedian, and best-selling author in America, and his radio programme “The Howard Stern Show” is his most well-known work. Stern has been interested in radio since the tender age of five.

As a child, he frequented his father’s recording studio, which fueled his desire to work in radio. Stern’s father installed a microphone, tape machine, and turntable in the basement of their home, where Stern would broadcast his make-believe radio shows. He initially attended Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School before transferring to South Side High School, from which he graduated in 1972. Stern enrolled in the two-year College of Basic Studies programme at Boston University in order to better his high school scores. During this period, he played records, read the news, and conducted interviews for the school radio station, W.T.B.U. He also hosted a weekly comedy show called “The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour” with two other students.

After finishing Basic Studies in 1974, he was admitted to the School of Public Communications at Boston University. In 1975, he attended the Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in pursuit of a diploma. Federal Communications Commission gave him a first-class radiotelephone operator licence during the same year.

After obtaining his licence, he obtained his first professional radio position at W.N.T.N., where he worked air shifts, newscasting, and production. Stern began working evening hours at the New York radio station W.R.N.W. in 1976, and later that year he covered shifts throughout the Christmas holiday. The radio station was so impressed with his talent, consistency, and professionalism that it hired him as a full-time host. In 1977, he was employed as the production director of the radio station.

In 1979, he began working for the rock radio station W.C.C.C. in Connecticut, where he remained until 1980, when he began working as a morning DJ for The W.W.W.W., a failing radio station with low ratings at the time. His efforts to increase the station’s ratings were rewarded with a Billboard Award for ‘Album-Oriented Rock Personality of the Year for a Major Market.’

Stern signed a $1 million, five-year contract for afternoon shows on the W.N.B.C adult contemporary radio station in New York City in 1982. Although Stern raised the ratings for his afternoon show, he was sacked owing to conceptual differences, which Stern perceived to be a personal issue with the authorities. He earned a second five-year contract with Infinity Broadcasting to host afternoons on the rock station W.X.R.K. He also continued to progress professionally and was promoted to afternoon anchor at W.X.R.K. Stern launched his morning show the next year, and by 1994, he had the highest-rated morning radio programme from 1994 through 2001. During his 20 years at W.X.R.X., Stern amassed a twenty million-person audience. In 1990, he began hosting his own talk programme, “The Howard Stern Show,” which he did for two years, giving him well-deserved fame. By 1992, he was the first radio host in the New York and Los Angeles markets to have the number-one morning radio show.

Stern became a best-selling author on the “New York Times” with the publishing of “Private Parts” in 1993 and “Miss America” in 1995. With enormous popularity, over a million copies of each book were sold. In 2012, Stern was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and in 2018, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stern’s third book, “Howard Stern Returns,” was published in 2019. In 2008, Stern wed Beth Ostrosky Stern, and they remain married. Stern got his first contract with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2009 and continues to be a radio broadcaster for the company.

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Howard Stern Bio, Net Worth

Full Name: Howard Allan Stern

Nickname: Howie

Birth date: January 12, 1954

Age: 69

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′ 10″

Relationship Status: Married

Net Worth: $800 million