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Jason Ballard Biography: Age, Net Worth And Career

Throughout his twelve-year tenure in the United States Army, Ballard held the esteemed position of counsel with the United States Army Judge Advocate General's Corps.

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Jason Ballard Biography:  In addition to his age, Jason Ballard, a notable figure in the disciplines of technology and sustainability, has garnered attention for several other factors. While there are differing accounts regarding Jason Ballard’s precise age, his revolutionary contributions to the fields of construction and 3D printing have earned him widespread recognition.

Ballard is a co-founder of ICON, an innovative company that specializes in 3D-printed residences, as part of his remarkable career. His age represents only a single facet of this. Ongoing discourse regarding his accomplishments and impact on the organization revolves around his contributions to sustainable housing and technological advancement.

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Jason Ballard Icon Age

The current age of Jason Ballard, who was born in 1982, is forty. Although he holds U.S. citizenship, his ancestral lineage remains unknown. His religious convictions initially motivated him to pursue a vocation as a priest in the Episcopal Church; nevertheless, he ultimately decided to pursue an alternative path that steered him towards the construction and housing industry.

By concealing his parents and siblings, he maintains the privacy of that particular facet of his existence. Regarding his personal life, he is happily married to Jenny. Together, their two children constitute a devoted family.

Jason Ballard Biography

Attorney and American politician Jason Ballard is the representative for the 12th district in the Virginia House of Delegates. For the 2023 election, the 12th district was redesignated the 42nd district and its boundaries were altered.

Ballard assumed office on January 12, 2022, after being elected to represent the 12th district in November 2021. In the service of humanity, Jason Ballard has devoted his existence to addressing significant issues.

His most recent and noteworthy position was that of co-founder and chief executive officer of ICON, a company that employs large-scale 3D printing to resolve the global housing crisis and prepare for extraterrestrial colonization while developing technology for the construction industry.

ICON has been named one of the “Most Innovative Companies in the World” by Fast Company in recognition of its continuous innovation in providing resilient, dignified accommodation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

ICON has successfully constructed 3D-printed residential communities in both the United States and internationally, while also forging partnerships with renowned architects, builders, and housing organizations in an effort to revolutionize the homebuilding paradigm.

ICON has amassed a total of $266 million in funding to date. In the autumn of 2020, ICON was awarded a research contract by the Air Force and financial support from NASA to commence investigations and development of an extraterrestrial construction system designed to facilitate subsequent exploration of the Moon and beyond.

Before co-founding ICON, Ballard was the CEO of an eco-friendly home improvement company that popularized sustainable and healthy remodeling techniques. Ballard held numerous sustainable construction-related positions prior to launching his own company.

Additionally, he worked for ACRT as an environmental consultant. As a GLG Social Impact Fellow, Ballard has participated in the Rocky Mountain Institute Energy Think Tank’s Carbon War Room. Ballard is from East Texas and studied conservation biology at Texas A&M University.

Presently, he is enrolled in the Space Resources master’s program at the Colorado School of Mines. He appreciates astronomy, ultrarunning, chess, comic books, and outdoor activities during his free time. He is the devoted spouse of his four children and a resident of Austin, Texas.

 Jason Ballard Net Worth

Given his accomplishments in the construction and real estate sectors, Jason Ballard’s financial situation would likely intrigue a great number of individuals. His precise net worth remains undisclosed. However, in his capacity as the CEO and co-founder of ICON, it is anticipated that his annual income will exceed one digit.

Consequently, his projected net worth as of 2023 will amount to $1 million. He maintains a comfortable standard of living and a loving family as a result of his considerable financial resources. Similar to numerous accomplished individuals, there are occasions when their genuine worth is not solely quantified in monetary terms, but also in the impact they have on society.

Jason Ballard’s Career

Jason Ballards

Throughout his twelve-year tenure in the United States Army, Ballard held the esteemed position of counsel with the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

After leaving the armed forces, he commenced a professional trajectory as an attorney, ultimately attaining the position of partner at Headley Ballard LLC. In addition, he is a member of the Pearisburg Town Council.His victory over Democratic incumbent Chris Hurst in November 2021 secured him a seat in the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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