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Mike Majlak Biography

Mike Majlak Biography: Born on January 13, 1985, Mike Majlak is a social media star. He is renowned for co-hosting the popular podcast “Implausive” alongside Paul Logan. Majlak presently has 260,000 Twitch subscribers and 1.7 million Instagram followers. Maljak’s 2010-created YouTube channel, Mike Maljak Vlogs, has more than 2.5 million subscribers. In 2020, he published “The Fifth Vital,” which details his drug addiction issues.

Mike Majlak is an entertaining social media star whose millions of followers adore him. Majlak is an outstanding gentleman, and we will forever adore him! On January 13, 1985, he was born in Connecticut. His mother’s name is Robin Maljak, and his sisters’ names are Abby and Jill. He attended a local high school and was later accepted to Fordham University, but he was unable to finish his studies. Maljak had a pleasant upbringing and was surrounded by his loving family.

Majlak attempted to make ends meet after abandoning college. In 2012, he began his career as an event photographer, and in 2013, he began working as a freelance writer for Essential Foodie. His ascent to prominence began in 2018 when he collaborated with Paul Logan to launch the podcast channel “Implausive.” Mike Tyson, 6ix9ine, Ben Askren, and Jake Paul are among the celebrities that have appeared on Implausive’s YouTube channel, which presently has 3.7 million subscribers. He had always wanted to work in marketing, so when the Lovesac furniture firm offered him a position, he was thrilled and accepted. Since joining the organisation in 2017, he has served as the marketing manager. His social media presence is great, and he enjoys being active on numerous social networks.

In 2010, his desire to blend in with the crowd led to his addiction to Opioids. In 2021, after a decade of reflection and recovery, he achieved sobriety. During this period, he also ended his relationship with Lana Rhoades amid controversy. It was rumoured that their relationship ended because of adultery claims. Majlak is currently single and living in Los Angeles, California, regardless of the circumstances. He enjoys swimming, gyming, running, and skiing.

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Mike Majlak Bio, Net Worth

Full Name: Mike Majlak

Nickname: HeyBigMike

Birth date: January 13, 1985

Age: 38

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 6′ 1″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $1.5 million

Mike Majlak Trivia

  • Majlak started as a writer and blogger for Nice Guy Promotions `The Essential Foodie.’
  • He has three dogs named Finney, Brannie, and Henry.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs about his education, Majlak attended Fordham University but did not complete his education.
  • Majlak did photography part-time and was very skilled at it.
  • He has a twin sister named Abby.