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Narelda Jacobs Biography

Narelda Jacobs Biography: As a result of the reporter’s social media announcement of their relationship, their relationship has become a topic of conversation. People are conducting online searches for Narelda Jacobs’s partner, Karina Natt, to discover more about their relationship.

Narelda Jacobs is a Sydney-based journalist for NITV and Network 10 in Australia. In Perth, Western Australia, she has served as a correspondent and panellist for 10 News First.

Since 2008 until hired in January 2020 to do so for the Studio 10 morning talk programme. She is the first Aboriginal female newsreader in Western Australia.

After commencing her career at GWN in Bunbury, Jacobs joined Ten News in 2000. In 2008, Network Ten announced that the Perth news bulletin would once again be produced in Perth, relocating from Sydney, and named her as its new host.

The journalist is the first Aboriginal and out homosexual newsreader in Western Australia. In March 2019, she co-hosted the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras broadcast on SBS.

Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt

Karina Natt is Narelda Jacobs’s partner.Sarah Hanson-Young, senator for the South Australian Greens, is in a relationship with Karina Natt, the chief of staff at Studio 10.

Narelda Jacobs Partner Karina Natt is a senior political consultant who offers policy and strategic advice while enhancing fundamental media, public relations, and law skills. Additionally, he is a licenced and competent journalist and attorney.

On Thursday, the panellist shared a photo of the two women kissing at the Sydney World Pride celebrations to commemorate the beginning of her brand-new relationship.

Natt, who resembled Cruz-Martin eerily, was wearing a sequined dress and brandishing the rainbow pride flag while wearing a sequined flag.

The journalist disclosed in the caption that the couple’s first date took place in February, indicating that they have only been dating for four weeks.

“The statistics can’t be ignored. The initial date is February 23. One month later on March 23rd, she wrote in the caption.” March 4 marks the first appearance of the attorney on Jacobs’ Instagram feed.

Dating Timeline And Age Of Narelda Jacobs

On November 23, 1975, Narelda was born. She is 47 years of age in 2023. The Native American newsreader was in a committed relationship with the director Stevie Cruz-Martin until a few months ago.

The television journalist has also dated Lauren Swinfield and Marion Townsend in the past.

Six years were spent between Jacobs and Lauren Swinfield in a romantic relationship. The lesbian couple viewed each other as their wives and awaited their families’ approval before beginning a married existence.

The reporter’s family was reluctant to recognise them as a married couple, whereas Lauren’s family supported their relationship.

Nonetheless, her nephew and nieces have supported their relationship in every way. Prior to her relationship with the journalist Swenfield, she dated Marion Towndrow.

She became pregnant with her ex-boyfriend before she began dating Lauren while working at TNT.

Under pressure from her family, she married him at the age of 19, but their marriage lasted only six months. After the dissolution of her marriage, she reared Jade Dolman by herself.

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Net Worth of Narelda Jacobs

Over a decade has passed since the panellist entered the television media industry. In addition, she is a successful journalist and media figure.

Working at the television station is her principal source of income. Consequently, she has amassed a considerable fortune and enjoys a comfortable existence with her daughter.

On January 13, 2020, the newsreader relocated to Sydney in order to join Studio 10’s morning discussion panel.

She eventually returned to Perth to read the Perth edition of 10 News First while balancing her duties on Studio 10 following the return of the bulletin to Sydney due to network-wide cost-cutting.

Jacobs co-hosted the Dawn Ceremony with John Paul Janke in 2020 and 2021, which was broadcast simultaneously on NITV, SBS, and Channel 10.

Narelda’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is between $500,000 and $900,000, according to multiple sources; however, her actual net worth has not yet been disclosed.

However, because she is still learning and gaining recognition as a professional journalist and correspondent, her net worth will undoubtedly increase over the next few years.