Nikhat Zareen Biography: Age, Birthday, Religion, Parents, Partner, Net Worth

Nikhat Zareen Biography
Nikhat Zareen Biography

Nikhat Zareen Biography: For several years, Nikhat Zareen has been the face of Indian women’s boxing. Many viewers are currently curious about Nikhat Zareen’s Religion.

When she won the gold medal at the 2011 AIBA Women’s Youth & Junior World Boxing Championships held in Antalya, the Indian boxer rose to prominence.

She recently won the gold medal at the 2022 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, becoming the fifth Indian woman to achieve this feat. She earned the gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Zareen has been a general finance officer at the Bank of India since June 2021, while concurrently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at AV College in Hyderabad, Telangana.

If you’re a fan who is curious about Nikhat Zareen’s Religion, you’ve come to the correct place.

Nikhat Zareen Biography

The religion of Nikhat Zareen – Is She a Muslim?

Nikhat Zareen was born into an Islamic family as a Muslim.

Nikhat Zareen Religion has been a topic of intense interest for the Indian media. She has been asked numerous contentious questions over time.

AIBA issued a statement dismissing earlier objections to hijabs. It also indicated that boxers could wear their respective national colours on their shorts and vests as long as they adhere to the official regulations.

In response, she stated, “I have no objection to their donning hijabs. Ultimately, it is their choice. That’s fine with me,”

“However, if they choose to don the hijab and practise their religion, that is their personal decision. I have no objection to their donning hijabs. Ultimately, it is their choice. I’m fine with that”

Although Nikhat Zareen’s religion has not influenced her career decisions, she has considered the fact that she is a Muslim before making rash decisions.

Being a Muslim and an athlete has been difficult for Nikhat, particularly in her younger years.

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Nikhat Zareen Family

The parents of Nikhat are Mohammad Jameel Ahmed and Parveen Sultana. Despite the obstacles she confronted as a Muslim, the two had been very supportive.

The father of the athlete worked as a sales assistant for 15 years in Saudi Arabia before moving to Nizamabad, India, to support his daughters’ athletic and academic endeavours.

Mohammed believes that religion has no place in sports, which inspired Nikhat to win gold at the Rio Olympics. The prominent Indian boxer Maw Kom had previously skipped the Olympics.

A year of boxing training was provided by Zareen’s father after she completed eighth grade. When asked by his daughter why there were so few female boxers, Mohammed replied that no one had the courage to compete.

The second smallest of her four sisters is Nikhat. Anjum Minaaz and Afnan Zareen, her two older sisters, are both doctors, while her younger sibling is a national badminton player.

When Nikhat informed her family of her desire to participate in boxing, they were completely supportive.

In an interview with a media organisation, Nikhat’s father revealed that their relatives advised him that Nikhat Zareen should not wear shorts while playing. He said,

“However, occasionally relatives or acquaintances would advise us that a girl should not participate in a sport that requires her to wear shorts. But we knew that no matter what Nikhat desired, we would support her aspirations.

The nephews of the boxer, Etheshamuddin and Itishamuddni, are national-level boxers.

Nikhat Zareen Net Worth 2023

According to some reports, Nikhat Zareen has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2023. She earns this amount from boxing and from her job.

Nikhat Zareen companion

Nikhat Zareen is currently unmarried. She is not associated with any names that infer anything about her romantic history.

Either Nikhat has kept her romantic life a closely guarded secret, or she is single. With any new information regarding Nikhat Zareen Partner, this site will be updated.