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Ryan Henry Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Ryan Henry Biography: Ryan Henry, an American tattoo artist and reality television personality born on May 27, 1986, began his career in 2015. Henry is best known for his appearance on the VH1 series “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” alongside his fellow castmates. He is a store proprietor, forex trader, and entrepreneur who seizes opportunities by the horns. These are some of the reasons why we are celebrating his birthday today.

Ryan Henry Birthday

Ryan Henry is an esteemed reality television personality. He is a renowned tattoo artist with an entertaining personality. Henry has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry, and he has no plans to cease. Henry, a Gemini born on May 27, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, is of African-American and Japanese descent. Yolan Henry is his mother, and his father was Keith Henry. He attended Thornwood High School when of age. He is an only child with two sisters. Nonetheless, one of his sisters died in 2009. This is the same year that he began tattooing.

In 2009, Henry came to the attention of renowned tattoo artist Miya Bailey. Henry enthusiastically accepted Bailey’s offer to serve as his mentor after she decided to adopt him. Henry learned from Bailey, and in 2013 he established his own tattoo shop, 9Mag. In late 2015, he was cast in the VH1 spin-off series “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” which aired. Henry appears in seventeen episodes from 2015 to 2021. He starred in the 2019 reality series “Tattoo Tales.” The programme debuted in October 2019. Henry began working on his merchandise for 9Mag in 2022. The apparel line will soon be available for purchase.

Henry is a skilled tattoo artist who has inked numerous luminaries, including Nicki Minaj. Due to his popularity, businesses, and talent, he has accumulated 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. Henry’s prosperity is shared with his family and his son Mason.

Ryan Henry Net Worth, Height

Name  Ryan Henry
Nickname  Ry
Birth date  May 27, 1986
Age  37
Zodiac Sign  Gemini 
Height  5′ 10″
Relationship Status  Single
Net Worth  $800 thousand
Social Media  Twitter

Ryan Henry Biography: 5 SURPRISING FACTS

Henry’s affair with the girlfriend of his closest friend caused a social media uproar.

The sister and niece of Henry were victims of a violent crime committed by her then-boyfriend.

Henry enjoys the variety of Mexican cuisines.

Henry frequently mentions him on Instagram.

Henry was a participant in “Colour Outside the Lines.”