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Peggy Lee Leather Cause Of Death

Peggy Lee Leather Cause Of Death: The Cauliflower Alley Club utilised social media to announce the passing of Peggy Lee, an early 1980s WWE professional wrestler. They estimated her age to be 64 years old. Monday morning, Lee passed away; PW Insider does not disclose the cause of death.

Lee (also known as Peggy Lee Leather), who was mentored by WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah, debuted as a professional wrestler in 1980. While Lee was a member of WWE, Wendi Richter and Lee challenged Princes Victoria and Velvet McIntyre for the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Peggy Lee Leather Cause Of Death

In addition to WWE, Lee has competed in Stampede Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, the American Wrestling Association, the National Wrestling Alliance, and All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling.

Lee won the Ladies Major League Wrestling International Championship for the first time in 1990, according to Wrestling Inc. After that, she won the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association championship and held it for 388 days.

In 1994, Lee also captured the NWA World Women’s Championship and three National Wrestling League Women’s Championships. In 2013, following her loss to Jade at Women of Wrestling’s Superheroes #3.01 – Redemption, she decided to retire from the ring.

A second individual commented, “Depressed to learn of the 64-year-old passing of fierce ring veteran “Peggy Lee Leather” (aka Peggy Lee). As Moolah’s toughest trainees, she and heel Wendy Richter competed for the Women’s Tag Team Championship in the WWF. On her voyage, she visited the AWA, WCW, WWC, and Japan.

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