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Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder And Candace Owens: The conflict between Candace Owens and Steven Crowder, two right-wing “culture warriors,” began when Crowder posted a video of his wife announcing their impending divorce. Owens crossed a line by overtly alluding to his marital problems, according to Crowder.

Who exactly is Steven Crowder?

Crowder is a prominent member of the “anti-woke” YouTube community, but his provocative comedy routines have earned him much criticism. As a consequence of allegations of homophobia, racism, and misogyny, YouTube has frequently demonetized his videos.

The “Change my Mind” meme template, a modified screenshot of Crowder debating college students, has made Crowder famous. Crowder, like Owens, is a conservative Christian; the two content creators appear to be on the same page, but their feud began in January after Crowder rejected a $50 million offer to join the Daily Wire, which he called a “slave contract.”

Crowder then went on to accuse the corporation of “big tech censorship” in a video, resulting in an extremely heated debate between himself and Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro.

Candace Owens Makes Her Ring Debut

Owens, an employee of the Daily Wire, called Crowder’s video “a complete bitch move,” and she released a video in which she repeatedly implied that she knows of something embarrassing in Crowder’s personal life, stating that “his actions are a symptom of something much larger… I am aware of something.” It would be an understatement to state that Steven is occupied.

Owens continued, “Sometimes people need prayer,” urging her audience to pray for Crowder. Occasionally, citing scripture can be beneficial. Steven professes to be a Christian, and I concur that he would benefit from giving his faith a greater priority. I have no doubt that additional information will surface in the foreseeable future.

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Steven Crowder’s Divorce

Crowder published a video on Tuesday in which he discussed his divorce, which he referred to as “what has become an increasingly horrible divorce” since 2021. Crowder repeatedly implies in the video that he is enraged because his wife can divorce him without his consent under Texas law, provoking indignation and ridicule on Twitter.

“According to the law, she simply desired to leave,” Crowder explained. In this situation, the only thing that cannot be disputed is that I made the incorrect decision.

Crowder then pointed the finger at “other individuals” in “positions of power, influence, and leverage” who were aware of the divorce and “understood that the safety of my children required keeping it a secret. If you are familiar with extortion, you will comprehend this. Some of these threats were so evident that I’m surprised you didn’t anticipate them.

Later, Crowder displayed a clip of Candace Owens’ January remarks, in which she criticised “self-styled Christians,” and he hinted that he might take legal action if the YouTube drama scene delved too deeply into his personal life, saying, “I’ll be handling this through the proper legal avenues and channels available, in which I have more than complete confidence.”