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CBSE Board 2023: Dr. Narendra Kumar Pandey, a teacher at DAV Kapildev, has given students advice on how to prepare for the CBSE 12th Biology exam. He stated that with better preparation, 100% marks in Biology are possible.

“Diagrams are very important in biology,” he said. It should be drawn clearly and labelled correctly. It will include three and five-point questions, with a correct diagram earning full marks. I’ve made preparations for this, and they should practise it again and again.

It is also essential to comprehend the pattern

“This time the board has changed the exam pattern,” Dr. Narendra Kumar Pandey explained. Students must fully comprehend it. This time, more aptitude-based questions will be asked. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will also include comprehension-based questions. The exam will include 32 questions from all units. There will be little difficulty if the students remember the concepts correctly.”

In case-based questions, questions based on any chapter, such as genetics, biotechnology, or reproduction, will be asked in the context of a real-life situation. The question will be based on a real-life situation, but the application will be biological. To solve it, you must use your intellect. He stated that while reproduction, human welfare biology, and ecology chapters can be prepared using NCERT, help with biotechnology and genetics should be obtained from some side books. He advised students to solve the question that they knew very well out of the questions that had options. Except for one-mark questions in the exam, write answers in proper and clear steps. He also stated that no question will be asked that is not part of the NCERT syllabus, but that the question does not have to be asked exactly from the NCERT book.

Don’t worry about the deleted chapter right now

Reproduction in Living Organisms has been removed from Chapter 1 of Unit 6 of Biology. At the same time, a portion of Unit 7 Chapter 9 on Food Production Strategy and Chapter 16 on Environmental Issues has been removed. Students should not concentrate on these chapters until the last minute of the exam.

Know- about the marks of the examination

Total Marks Exam 100

Theoretical Evaluation 70

internal assessment 30

Total questions will be asked 32

the question pattern is like this

Section A – 14 MCQs and four region based

Section B – Five MCQs consisting of two case based questions

Section C – Eight short answer type questions of 2 marks each

Section D – Five short answer type of 3 marks each

Section E – Three long answer type questions of 5 marks each

One can get 100% marks in Biology by preparing for the exam in a timely manner and doing it regularly. Its benefit will also be available in the Medical Entrance Examination (NEET). Students should also follow the exam pattern properly. Prepare while keeping in touch with the teachers at the last moment. Avoid taking any kind of stress.