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National Cat Herders Day – December 15, 2022

The 22nd of January is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day because it is the day to answer your cat’s questions. What child hasn’t promised their cat secrecy in exchange for revealing that they can speak? On this special day, we’re listening to each cat’s meow and attempting to decipher its meaning; if only they had Garfield-style speech bubbles above their heads!

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day History

There is some disagreement as to when the first wildcats were domesticated, but by 7500 BCE, people in the Near East were definitely living with housecats, and by the 19th century, different breeds of cats were being developed.

In Ancient Egypt, cats were more than just companions; they were used in social and religious rituals and were revered as sacred household pets. Cats were so revered that they were mummified alongside humans. Moreover, many Egyptian deities had the heads of cats and the bodies of humans – it doesn’t get much closer than that!

While Ancient Egyptians valued cats for their ability to kill poisonous snakes, Europeans valued them for their ability to control rats and other pests. The Romans, the British, and the Vikings all traded cats, which eventually stamped their passports and travelled to the “New World” with explorers.

The Middle Ages were a blemish on the collective record of cats, as European rulers at the time believed cats were responsible for the devastating Black Death. They were unaware that cats were more likely to control the population of rats and fleas. Nevertheless, the reputational damage was done, and cats did not recover until the 15th and 16th centuries, when they were welcomed aboard ships to control vermin. It is commonly believed that cats were on Christopher Columbus’s ship, and that they flourished in America after disembarking.

Today, we love cats for so much more than their ability to reduce the rat population that we devote an entire day to pondering the significance of each meow and purr. In 1993, cats surpassed dogs as the most popular domesticated animal in the United States, and today they are valued for their curiosity, independence, and intelligence – as well as their many, many questions.

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  • Why can’t I consume these indoor plants?

Azaleas, mistletoe, lilies, holly, and other plants are toxic to our feline friends; therefore, they should be kept outside.

  • Why am I not permitted to consume all of the milk?

Contrary to popular belief, cats should not consume excessive amounts of milk, especially if they are lactose intolerant. If cats are unable to properly digest milk, they will develop diarrhoea, and they will also be at a greater risk for obesity if their diets are not closely monitored.

  • Why am I unable to scratch the sofa?

It is normal for cats to scratch, and owners should provide sufficient scratching posts to prevent their pets from becoming stressed or depressed.

  • Why do people consider sleeping cats to be slothful?

It is simply what they do. Cats spend the majority of their lives sleeping, approximately 13 to 17 hours per day. It is normal and healthy behaviour, not laziness.

  • Why do humans remove cat claws?

Not only is declawing your cat cruel, but it also poses a threat to their health and safety. Consult the Internet or your veterinarian for information on the many safe ways to remove your cat’s claw from your sofa.


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