By | 17 Jan 2023 at 11:03 PM
UP Board

UP Board Exam 2023: For the first time, the UP Board’s 12th practical examinations will be overseen by the Sector Magistrate. The lab’s CC cameras will keep an eye on things. There will be complete recording of the examination. The arrogance of school administrators and teachers will not work. Every child is required to be present in the lab. There will be no arbitrary numbering of the children. The DIOS has provided a list of DM schools for the deployment of Sector Magistrates in the examinations.

The UP Board made numerous changes to examinations and practicals. The Board of Secondary Education has directed the DIOS of Lucknow to hold practical exams from January 21 to 28. The board has issued instructions to appoint sector magistrates to monitor the first practical examinations along the lines of main examinations. The list of schools has been made available to the DM in this regard. Area magistrates will inspect the schools and monitor the examinations.

The practical will be overseen by a CC camera.

According to DIOS Rakesh Kumar Pandey, practical examinations will be held this time at the same school where the children are enrolled. The principals of the schools have been instructed to conduct the exams under the supervision of closed-circuit television cameras. The management and principals of the schools will be responsible for keeping the examination recordings secure. If necessary, schools will be required to provide.

Principals are concerned due to non-availability of supervisors’ names

The UP Board has yet to release the names of invigilators for the class 12th practical examinations. Exams will begin on January 21st. According to the principals of the schools, it would be extremely difficult to conduct practical examinations on time due to a lack of names of invigilators. Apart from determining the date of the examination by contacting the invigilators, time will be spent preparing for the examinations and informing the children. The Board of Secondary Education operates 558 schools in Lucknow. This year, 46 thousand students will take the UP board intermediate exam.

DIOS Rakesh Kumar Pandey stated that class 12 practicals will be held under the supervision of a Sector Magistrate this time. The examination will be recorded in addition to being conducted under the supervision of a CC camera. Only in schools will there be practicals. As soon as the UP Board releases the list of supervisors, it will be made available to the schools.