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UPSC Success Story: If you are preparing for the UPSC exam and want to be in the top rank, you should read about the strategies used by toppers who have cleared the UPSC exam and obtained the top rank. Today’s topic is IAS Utkarsh Dwivedi, who placed fifth in the UPSC CSE 2021. Let us learn more about them. How did you train for the UPSC?

Utkarsh Dwivedi is a government employee. His maternal grandparents had always encouraged him to pursue a career as an IAS officer. Utkarsh’s father is a senior manager in an FMCG company and his mother is a homemaker from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh.

Such was the planning

Utkarsh, who was studying for competitive exams at the time of the Kovid-19 outbreak, had to deal with a lot of difficulties. He did, however, continue his preparation.

He created a timetable based on his subjects as part of his strategy and adhered to it every day. Furthermore, they conducted a thorough analysis of all of the topics and prioritised them. PYQs and mock tests were also completed for practise.

Preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, as Utkarsh explains, is no laughing matter. Utkarsh used to go for long evening walks to relieve stress. Aside from that, he used to spend one day a week talking with his friends and visiting his favourite places.

When a government job offer is not accepted

Utkarsh Dwivedi graduated from DPS Indore and then went on to VIT Vellore to pursue a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

He stated that after finishing my graduation, he decided to take the UPSC exam. After graduating from VIT Vellore, Utkarsh received a job offer from the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) SJVN (Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam), but he aspired to become an IAS. As a result, he declined the job offer. His sole focus was on UPSC preparation. As a result, I was unable to obtain employment.

Utkarsh had chosen International Relations as his UPSC Mains optional subject. He believes that it is critical to select subjects that pique your interest so that you are motivated to learn more about them.

Utkarsh used to read daily newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, The Times of India, and Mint to keep up with current issues in national and international affairs.

He, like every other topper, emphasises the importance of keeping notes. He claims that writing helps you remember the topics better.

Utkarsh advised that you prepare for the UPSC journey before beginning your preparation. It is critical to mentally and physically prepare for the exam.

The syllabus, on the other hand, is the heart of any exam. It is critical to understand the syllabus before beginning to read the books. Recognize and adhere to the UPSC CSE syllabus. It will assist you in selecting study materials and prioritising subjects.

Utkarsh attempted three times to pass the UPSC exam.

He gave UPSC three chances to pass the exam. He made his first attempt in 2019, but did not pass the interview. He took the UPSC exam the following year, but failed. He received 160 points in the UPSC 2019 interview and 157 points in the UPSC 2020 interview. Simultaneously, not giving up, he retook the UPSC exam in 2021 and passed with a 5th-place finish.