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Bihar: Specially-abled girl learns to write with toes, aims to be a teacher

A 14-year-old specially-abled girl hailing from Bihar’s Patna has become the epitome of courage and grit to move forward in life as she continued to peruse her education by learning to write with her toes after she lost both her hands in an accident.

Over a span of 7 long years, Tanu Kumari displayed immense determination to find solutions to overcome the challenges posed by her disability. She studies at a government school and is enrolled as a regular student in class 10.

Speaking to ANI, the young girl said that she aspires to become a teacher.

“I do not feel that I will be left behind because of my disability. After the accident, I gradually learnt how to write with my toes. Apart from studying, I love to participate in sports and painting activities,” she said.

Her mother, Suha Devi, expressed confidence in her daughter and said that she is proud of her.

“In 2014, while she was playing at the terrace, she touched live electric wires, because of which she lost her hands. Initially, we faced a lot of problems But I am happy that she has the willpower to learn to do her daily chores with her legs. I am extremely proud of her,” Devi said.

She also said that Tanu has won awards in painting competitions organised for specially-abled children.

Bihar: Specially-abled girl learns to write with toes, aims to be a teacher

“On any day if I ask her to not go to school, she insists that she would. Tanu excels in studies,” said the mother.

Tanu’s father Anil Kumar, who works as a delivery man of gas cylinders, hopes that the government would provide Tanu necessary aid.

“I am a poor man. I sometimes hope that the government might help us. Earlier, Tanu was studying at a private school but we shifted her to a government school. Tanu’s mother helps her in feeding, bathing and changing clothes,” he said.

He further said that he is proud of her daughter. “Tanu has told us so many times that she wants to complete her education,” he added.

Tanu’s fellow classmates noted that she has a gleaming dauntlessness.

“Sometimes we feel bad for her. But we always stand up to assist her. She studies well,” said Anamika Kumari, a classmate.

Nazia Parveen, another classmate said, “She has not lost her battle. She is moving forward with whatever she has.”

Meanwhile, Tanu’s science teacher Divya Kumari also said that she hopes the government provides aid to such a bright and courageous student.

“When I saw her for the first time, I was astonished. I encourage her to study and not lose hope. She is very aspirational and comes to school every day. I urge the government to provide her aid,” said the teacher.

Source: ANI