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CBSE 10th French book showing wrong map of India is old version, board clarifies

ByBishal Kalita , New Delhi

Amid controversy over a tweet that claims CBSE’s Class 10 French textbook does not show Jammu and Kashmir as an “integral part of India”, the central education board has issued a statement, saying the said version of the textbook is an old one, which has been discontinued.

“The cover page of the class X French Textbook which inadvertently shows wrong map is from an earlier phased out edition of 2014 of the textbook. The revised version is available at CBSE website,” CBSE Spokesperson Rama Sharma said on Monday.

The tweet by Legal Rights Observatory- LRO claims that the cover page of the book shows a wrong version of India’s map.

“Hey@cbseindia29 is this true? Don’t U recognize Jammu n Kashmir as integral part of India? Or you still have leftist gang holding tight control over school book section? U r touching new heights- from Gender Confusion in kids to JK Separatism! Amazing,” the tweet where Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Home Minister Amit Shah were tagged, reads.

Hindustan Times could not verify the claim as the old version of the CBSE textbook is not available. Below is a screenshot of the cover of the current Class 10 French textbook, taken from

CBSE Class 10 French textbook(
CBSE Class 10 French textbook(

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